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UFO sighting leaders predict 2011 is it for alien contact

Submitted by Dave Masko on 2011-03-08

BRAY'S POINT – It’s said that at Bray’s Point – a UFO sighting location for “watchers” and the furtherst place West along the Oregon coast – to “look North by Northwest to far off Eastern Siberia” that, according to recently released British government secret UFO files, is reported to have possible alien encampments in its deep forests; meanwhile two top UFO experts state that 2011 is it for alien contact.
U.K. UFO report creates a lot of worldwide interest

Last week’s release of 8,500 pages of secret British unidentified flying object (UFO) reports are growing in both size and number with keen interest by world authorities. At the same time, the fascination with Charlie Sheen is tempered by serious questions regarding this hoard of valuable UFO sighting and alien contact information that’s been kept under lock and key for more than 60 years. Most significant, say UFO watchers is British UFO documents linking other reports out of “Mother Russia” with regular UFO sightings and believed contact on the ground in the deep forests of Eastern Siberia.

This story is number one is an occasional series of reports about what the secret British UFO files contain, and what new information these documents reveal.

UFO sightings increase before abduction begins

A mother and daughter walk along a deserted stretch of beach near Bray’s Point, and just south of Stonefield Beach. Such scenes are common for those who walk the "free" beaches here, and look in the sky for UFOs and, what locals call, those “striking and vivid” lights that “ease the mind and take you away.”

Speaking of being taken away, the area of alien abductions is the one that most UFO fans “can’t get their head around.”

Still, UFO experts say this is “common and even more common during times of increased sightings.”

The view that any increase in the number of aliens taking people while in their beds – based on local police and media reports – includes evidence that is sketchy due to so many young people are missing these days, and police admit “there’s no real way to know where they are?

Here at Bray’s Point, a plot of land that contains a rare, and hidden track of beach along the Pacific with the late Ken Kesey’s summer beach home in its center. It was here that Kesey and his many famous friends who also believed in UFOs came to ponder the existence of alien life.

It was here at Bray’s Point that the late UFO hunter Stanley Fulham came in the late 1970’s to discuss UFO issues at a time when speaking of UFO beliefs in public could get you in Kesey’s “Cucokoo’s Nest, literally.

Prior to his sudden death just three months ago, on Dec. 19, 2011, Fulham predicted “11” would be the “year it all happens.”

Fulham is most famous in UFO circles for co-authoring the book “Challenges of Change” that predicts UFO contacts and increased sightings in “11.”

Fulham and British UFO documents point “regular invasion” activity

While Eastern Siberia is a prized “UFO research location” by world scientists who study this other side of life on Earth, it’s the highly skilled paleontologists who come to Eastern Siberia not just for dinosaur fossils -- which are massive with the bones of prehistoric bison and mammoths – but for the recent “local contact” with alien life.

In fact, the British UFO documents link Soviet Union and modern Russian exchanges in their handling of UFO sightings and contacts, that Eastern Siberia is now, according to the Brit UFO files, one of the most important places for UFO studies in the world.

Moreover, recent studies of the deep forest areas of Siberia – that have not been done since the dawn of modern UFO sightings in the 1950’s – that it’s just now that scientists are uncovering evidence of a possible alien home base in the region.

The Brit UFO documents, for example, point to records of travelers from England who crossed Siberia in the 18th century who saw “things flying” and “so many lights and shooting stars.

It’s also known that V.I. Lenin went to Eastern Siberia on several occasions to rest with “my other species.”

Lenin and others who went to Eastern Siberia on a regular basis, noted seeing something flying in the skies with lights as well in the early 20th century. The British UFO documents contain details about British and world history that links UFO investigations.

There’s also an alarming “tone to the British UFO reports that says let’s disprove this,” says one media expert commenting on the latest news on the WikiLeaks and its CEO Julian Assange who stated: “It is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the Cablegate archive, there are indeed references to UFO’s.”

The London-based “Guardian” newspaper and Internet news site has regular updates and interviews with those close to the WikiLeaks hoard of secret UFO documents as well as the dozens of British experts who’ve read all or most of the British UFO files and state some alarming claims about mishandling of information, and that impact on the future.

For instance, the British UFO documents also confirmed the widely held UFO community belief that on June 10, 2004, a report was confirmed and kept under wraps by the United States and its alliance with the United Nations to not reveal “a fleet of UFOs suddenly emerged from the Southern Ocean and approached Guadalajara, Mexico while the UFO fleet returned to a “southern ocean home base.

Also, the Brit report mentions and links other reports from Mexico that on July 11, 1991, a solar eclipse occurred while UFO sightings happened by the thousands all over Mexico. There’s even reports of British nationals on holiday in Mexico watching the UFO “invasion” on TV with nobody caring much.

Julian Assange has final word on what’s predicted for 2011

Assange has recently gone on record with the Guardian’s talk shows, and website interviews that includes this final word from Assange about his views on the UFO files that he still controls:

“The threats against our lives are a matter of public record, however, we are taking the appropriate precautions to the degree what we are able when dealing with superpowers.

Assange continued by stating that “the international community is aware of an alien invasion that began in March (2010, last year) and that they predict will continue for the next five years. The global community is trying to protect the citizens of Earth from the truth, which is that by 2015, Earth will be controlled by aliens.”

“What’s crazy, said one Oregon UFO “watcher” “is Stan Fulham predicted the same five years of UFO sightings starting in 2011 or “11.”

In fact, Fulham also predicted that the “gradual release of UFO information to the public will begin with governments handing over their information. They will go public, so to speak,” said the famed UFO hunter just six months ago when he passed due to cancer.

According to Fulham’s biography, he had his first UFO encounter while on active duty with the North American Air Defense Command. “During his service he said that his fellow soldier and he saw a ‘red flashing rocket,’ in the sky. He later confirmed that it was not a rocket but a UFO.”

Fulham was known by presidents and everyday UFO watchers as a spokesman who liked to predict UFO sightings, encounters and the dark side of UFO’s – the abductions.

For instance, it was Fulham, who just two months before his sudden death, predicted the UFO sightings on October 5 through 9, last year, 2010 in Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou and Baotou of Inner Mongolia as well as the Russian reports of “continued UFO sightings over Eastern Siberia.

UFO abductees on the rise worldwide, states Brit report and new revelations

While it’s no secret now that the U.K. officially opened its vaults of secret and top secret on Thursday, March 3, with an “uproar from both our watchers and the national and international UFO community.

However, what’s interesting say UFO watchers is the late night TV talk show hosts can joke about the Brit’s coming clean about UFOs after 60 years. But, the comedians “do it in such a way that you still don’t really believe that there are UFOs, even after a nation such as ours cared enough about UFOs to keep secret and detailed files secret for 60 years.

“I’d call one of the biggest watershed moments in the long, long effort to convince the world that we are not alone in this universe,” exclaimed Oregon UFO “watcher” Monica Fulkerson.

In turn, British officials said in announcing the release of the approximately 8,500 pages of UFO records that the documents date back to the 1950s and include rare military and public reports not seen by the public.

At the same time, there’s reports in the British media that the release of the secret British UFO files was a “preemptive strike” before Assange releases the WikiLeaks “secret UFO cables” that he disclosed in December.

Assange, the main spokesperson and editor-in-chief for WikiLeaks is currently appealing against United Kingdom extradition for crimes he may have committed in Sweden. Also, the United States wants to silence Assange and WikiLeaks for “national security reasons.”

Meanwhile, Assange has gone public with British media about his WikiLeaks secret UFO files that he says are “significant” and noteworthy to the world community who are eager to learn what secret UFO and alien information files that are now in a top secret location that only Assange and his close circle of WikiLeaks staff control.

The World can read parts of the British files on line

The release of these British UFO documents includes 35 large files that can be viewed at http://ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk/

It should also be noted that the files are available to download free of charge for one month at this U.K. National Archives website.

For instance, one of the files notes a man saying he had been "abducted" by aliens in October 1998 after seeing an unidentified craft hover over his London home and finding that he had gained an hour of time in the process. "It was a large cigar-shaped vehicle with big projectiles on each side like wings," he told the British ministry. "It seemed to have two very bright lights at the front and a white light flashing round and round underneath. ... As you can imagine, I felt quite shaken."

Meanwhile, there’s some redemption for the late Stanley Arthur Fulman who was noted in the British UFO reports as “an expert on the subject.”

How to have an open mind for UFO sighting>strong>

“What Jan (Dunford) brings to the watchers is a sort of spiritual view of what UFOs mean,” explains Ada Cushing while sharing an ancient text from India that Dunford has shared with the group.

In brief, the watchers believe that being able to view and understand a UFO sighting – based on Dunford’s teachings – means a complete deconstruction of all one’s rigid mental patterns and habits as well as the deconstruction of all one’s limiting beliefs.

Chushing says that “this deconstruction creates a space for true inquiry about alien life here on Earth.”

“When I was finally able to open my mind completely, I was in a place where I could experience something new such as the truth and reality that it’s all just wasted space out there if we are the only ones,” says Chushing. “Therefore an open mind is required to really appreciate these UFO sightings over the Middle East right now and why there are happening at the same time people are rising up. What’s behind it all other than just people wanting freedom, as Jan explains.”

Moreover, Dunford said the Buddhaghosa taught back in the fifth century that “humans need to break their habit of looking at experience in terms of labels or concepts and instead observe ultimate reality directly.”

Dunford said this is done “each and everytime the watchers pay attention to those lights in the night sky, and by really seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling in their most primitive state, what’s going on with UFOs in our world today.”

When describing Stonefield Beach, locals want visitors to stay away

With the recent release of the secret UK UFO report, there's also an increae in UFO tourism along the central Oregon coast and locals don't like it.

Meanwhile, both “watchers” and locals who seem to enjoy this rustic stretch of Oregon coast --- up the coastal road north from Bray’s Point -- at the legendary Stonefield Beach where ancients lived as natives and viewed UFO sightings as a normal part of the day.

Now, those who live near here at Stonefield want “others to stay away.”

The Oregon coast has long been associated with UFO encounters due to such things as the geologic oddity of rock formations along the coast that some say are markers for UFO visits.

In fact, Stonefield is perhaps the most secluded and exclusive of the central Oregon coast parks.

There are formally declassified documents at a nearby Newport historic museum points to a period during World War II and then in the late 1950’s when “the U.S. government installed numerous secret look out facilities in the area around Cape Perpetua.”

What’s interesting to local UFO hunters is that one of these “stone” lookout bunkers still sits near the top of Cape Perpetua that looks right down on Stonefield Beach.

“It’s sort of prehistoric. There’s remains of whales, sea lions and the only place that I know of along the coast where you see dozens of wild rabbits that are huge in size. And, there’s these people who camp out and burn fires amongst the Stonefield rock formations that’s creepy,” said one visitor on Saturday during a recent “watcher” meeting at the beach.

What’s also creepy, “is the locals want you out of here, big time. They know this is a free beach and part of Oregon’s national recreation area, but don’t hang at Stonefield after hours,” the visitor said.

At Stonefield, there’s no such thing as popular beach spots, or shops or restaurants. “There’s just death on the beach and the place reeks to high heaven. It’s as if someone or something doesn’t want the locals or tourists to visit there,” says coastal resident Mackenzie Ryan.

Moreover, Ryan notes “these strange lights and an eerie glow that seems to light up everything around. You see the light on the drift wood that litters the Stonefield beach, and you see it in the sky over the mountains that sit right behind this beach spot. There’s no place like it.”

Along a grassy hill there sits -- in the sea of rocks – what can only be described as mounds of formed and hardened sand. “We can’t explain it. It’s these small mounds and the crazy glow on everything at Stonefield that spooks us at this time of the year,” she said.



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