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Post  Jude on Sat 25 Mar 2017, 19:31

25 "then sovereigns and heads sitting on the throne of Dawiḏ shall enter in through the gates of this city, riding in chariots and on horses, they and their heads – the men of Yehuḏah and the inhabitants of Yerushalayim. And this city shall be inhabited forever.

26“And they shall come from the cities of Yehuḏah and from the places around Yerushalayim, and from the land of Binyamin and from the low country, from the mountains and from the South, bringing burnt offerings and slaughterings, grain offerings and incense, bringing offerings of praise to the House of יהוה.

27“But if you do not obey Me to set apart the Sabbath day, and not to bear a burden when entering the gates of Yerushalayim on the Sabbath day, then I shall kindle a fire in its gates, and it shall consume the palaces of Yerushalayim, and not be quenched.”   JEREMIAH 17:25-27 Institute for Scripture Research - ISR

25 "Then shall there enter into the gates of this city kings and princes sitting upon the throne of David, riding in chariots and on horses, they, and their princes, the men of Judah, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem: and this city shall remain for ever.

26 And they shall come from the cities of Judah, and from the places about Jerusalem, and from the land of Benjamin, and from the plain, and from the mountains, and from the south, bringing burnt offerings, and sacrifices, and meat offerings, and incense, and bringing sacrifices of praise, unto the house of the Lord.

27 But if ye will not hearken unto me to hallow the sabbath day, and not to bear a burden, even entering in at the gates of Jerusalem on the sabbath day; then will I kindle a fire in the gates thereof, and it shall devour the palaces of Jerusalem, and it shall not be quenched." JEREMIAH 17:25-27  King James Version - KJV

25 "then kings and princes occupying the throne of David will enter through the gates of this city, riding in chariots and on horses. They, their princes, the people of Y’hudah and the inhabitants of Yerushalayim will enter; and this city will be inhabited forever.

26 They will come from the cities of Y’hudah, from the places surrounding Yerushalayim, from the land of Binyamin, from the Sh’felah, from the hills and from the Negev, bringing burnt offerings, sacrifices, grain offerings, frankincense and thanksgiving sacrifices to the house of Adonai.

27 But if you will not obey me and make Shabbat a holy day and not carry loads through the gates of Yerushalayim on Shabbat, then I will set its gates on fire; it will burn up the palaces of Yerushalayim and not be quenched.” JEREMIAH 17:25-27 Complete Jewish Bible - CJB

May Yah bless and keep you ALL safely abiding under the Shadows of His Mighty Wings.  If you have not yet repented, I ask that you repent immediately.  Turn to our Heavenly Father through His Beloved Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ).  Please consider doing this immediately, for as we know the world is soon coming to a close.  It is during this time that we will need Yah's full divine protection for what is to be unveiled.  I believe that it was through obedience that Noah had such great faith; this in essence was what saved him and his family from the flood. As a born again Christian (a former Roman Catholic of 46+ years) there is so much to gain in doing so.  My soul is richly blessed by the gems of truth revealed to me by my beloved Heavenly Father, Abba, and I have no regrets repenting of my past ways.  Blessings! ~ Judy Velez


1O יהוה, hear my prayer, And let my cry come to You.

2Do not hide Your face from me In the day of my distress; Incline Your ear to me; In the day I call, answer me speedily.

3For my days are consumed like smoke, And my bones are burned like a hearth.

4My heart is stricken and withered like grass, For I have forgotten to eat my bread.

5Because of the sound of my sighing My bones have cleaved to my flesh.

6I have been like a pelican of the wilderness, I have been like an owl of the desert.

7I have watched, and I am As a bird alone on the house-top.

8My enemies reproached me all day long, Those who rave against me have sworn against me.

9For I have eaten ashes like bread, And mixed my drink with tears,

10Because of Your displeasure and Your wrath; For You have lifted me up And thrown me down.

11My days are like a shadow that lengthens, And I wither away like grass.

12But You, O יהוה, shall be enthroned forever, And the remembrance of You be to all generations.

13You Yourself shall arise And have compassion on Tsiyon, For the time to favour her, The appointed time, has come.

14For Your servants have been pleased with her stones, And they favour her dust.

15And the nations shall fear the Name of יהוה, And all the sovereigns of the earth Your esteem,

16For יהוה shall build up Tsiyon, He shall appear in His esteem.

17He shall turn unto the prayer of the destitute, And He shall not despise their prayer.

18This is written for a generation to come, So that a people to be created praise Yah.

19For He looked down From the height of His set-apart place; From heaven יהוה viewed the earth,

20To hear the groaning of the prisoner, To release those appointed to death,

21To declare the Name of יהוה in Tsiyon, And His praise in Yerushalayim,

22When peoples gather together, And reigns, to serve יהוה.

23He has humbled my strength in the way; He has shortened my days.

24I said, “O my Ěl, Do not take me away in the midst of my days; Your years are throughout all generations.

25“You did found the earth of old, And the heavens are the work of Your hands.

26“They shall perish, but You remain; And all of them grow old like a garment; You change them like a coat, And they are changed.

27“But You are the same, And Your years have no end.

28“The sons of Your servants continue, And their seed is established before You.” PSALM 102 Institute for Scripture Research - ISR

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