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Post  Jude on Thu 16 May 2013, 02:03

Dear reader, dear you are indeed,
If you have read thus far in speed,
I lift my hat and greet in turn,
And pray your burning heart still burn
With love and faith, obedience
To YHWH (Jah, HUU) within your earthly tents.

I still proclaim the Decalogue
Furqan, criterion for bog
To give good guidance in the way,
The wandering paths where Scriptures stray.
No other text makes so great claims,
To be given direct in flames
Without vehicles such as dream
Or vision or angels to beam.
No other text claims to be spoken
To millions by the mount as token
In any classic text of faith
Produced by saint, prophet or wraith.
It’s brief and comprehensive too,
Enough to deal with all that’s true.
And so by it I judge the writing
As well as the own life I’m fighting.

I broach the revelation with
My own style though without the myth.
I take the English tongue as free,
Not cramped by French academy.
I speak my own ethnicity
In all its fine diversity.
I took a local word and slang,
I took elevated harangue,
And made all mine in what I sang.
I take expressions and aesthetic
From many foreign ways pathetic
And trump them up in four-beat rhymes
To meet my sonnets and my crimes.

I thank God that aesthetic props
That differ from expected crops
And may offend the ear and eye
Of educated on the sly
Do not offend God’s sense of proper.
In fact I realized this stopper:
If God’s name is my joy to hear,
And reading His word will appear
A pleasure to my listening ear,
God too’s inspired by what I write,
Just as I am by revealed light.

Just as I used to roam the sights
Of London to hear Shakespeare’s rights,
Or find old altarpieces where
In triptych shines the structured share
That raises spirits to resound
With new songs scattered on the ground.

Four painted panels make the store
Of my work on the sacred shore:
The Torah or Tawrat before
Zabur or Psalmic writings that
Bring me to where the Gospel sat
Or Injil as the Muslims say,
At last Qur’an to finish fray.
It can be read from left to right,
Seen as a whole picture’s delight,
Or contemplated anywhere
The brushstroke meets the eye with glare.
Dear reader, make an effort now
To see this altarpiece and bow
At one glance in the glory there.
Leave pride of life and thought behind,
Open the soul’s eyes, don’t be blind
To the foundation theme of all.

The Decalogue stands first in call,
The vision of many faiths’ thrall
Comes next to please the mind and eye
With coloured textures to comply.
The third word of secrets I show
Is that the first sonnet in row
To be written in this book stands
In comment of Genesis’ bands,
Chapter one and verse twenty-six:

Said Ælohim then to Himself,
"Let us make humankind, not elf,
Into our image, by our plan,
Let them have rulership who can
Over fish of the sea, the birds
Of the air, and the lowing cattle,
All earth and over those that prattle
And creep on the earth without words."

Your image is a canvas vaster than
What sea and sky and earth forever can.
Yet Your self-portrait in perfection lies
Within the atom's small peripheries.
To each wrought figure either small or vast
You have his own dominion wisely cast.
Each mite within Your image has been crowned
And granted each its nourishment and bound.
Your sovereignty of sovereigns knows no press,
While I'm in Your creation, free to guess.
Though I myself am not Your image whole
As some would trust whose faith has greater goal,
I glory in the honour of the part
I have in Your creation's noble art.

The idea that image of God
Is not a man upon the sod,
But the whole of creation’s prod
Is not found anywhere before
As far as I can find in store.
That humankind’s the last piece set
Within the puzzle is not yet
Understood by the world of men.
Even so great a mystic as
Ayatollah Khomeini had
Adhered to the common view of
This text setting man up to love.
Awareness I draw from this view,
That human soul’s reflection due
Of the divine soul on the screen
Of universe whereby is seen
Image of God’s not quite so strange
To other seekers on the range.
It hardly departs from the heart
Of mystical thought any part
Of classical traditions’ start.

The fact that concept’s not in favour
More widely among free and slaver,
Comes from astute awareness that
It flies in face of where we’ve sat
In modern and post-modern thought.
Now days the vehicles that raise
The mystical experience rays
Are themselves the content en masse,
Making all the traditions pass
For one and the same surface crass,
Reducing spirituality
To titillation of the tree
Of fair exotica to see.
This essence of mystical life,
Sufism, Cabbalism rife,
Christian contemplation as it
Commonly appears, is form fit
Of microwave in meditation,
And instant coffee contemplation.

While it may not be needful to
Read four thick volumes to find true,
One must relinquish the false view
That alpha brainwaves are the goal,
And realize that’s a mere shoal,
A vehicle and not the pole.
That simple concept’s hard to get
Across today, and failure yet
To internalize it’s the root
And source of violence to shoot,
And no improvement’s yet in sight
Till realization’s delight
That humankind reflects divine
Has been firmly set in design
Of human thought. Albert Schweitzer
Said it in a way that for sure
Could be understood by the young
And simplest person on the rung:
That life is sacred. Unless that
Is grasped in practice, techniques flat
To slow brainwaves or chemical
Substances to create the sal
Of visionary will not do
The slightest bit of good in true.

The contemplation of the role
Of individual in the toll
Of the community and stress
Point of conflict of interests’ mess
Has something to do with the charge
Of development in the large
Of personal aesthetic sense
In context of the common vents.

The writings in which figures of
Both Moses and David in love
Are known and acknowledged have here
Already been seen in the gear
Of second volume of this work
To refer to the question’s irk
Of what a single soul must do
When faced with systems in the pew
That represent authority
Conflicting with both liberty
And God’s law in highest degree.
This concern comes to a high point
In Psalms continued in this joint.
The stress between the single soul
And enemies around the pole,
The individual and state
And congregation to tempt fate,
Is shown from every point of view.
This gross honesty’s hard with rue
For Christian sensibility.
That’s why Psalm-singing’s been set free,
Replaced by other forms by most,
And even where there is Psalms’ boast,
The curses on the enemy
Are avoided in psalmody.

The individual and her God
In the community to plod
Are the three reference points made bright
In the Psalms, wisdom’s writings’ site,
And in the prophets for their right.
As such Zabur or David’s books
Are logical extension’s looks
From Torah or Tawrat or law
That precedes them as in their awe.
As I move with the reader here
Among these issues, I move sheer
In the dynamic lines among
These three points that I now have sung,
Rather than in their distinctness
As opposition of address.
Awareness of complexity
Found in the universe makes free
Not at all, does not imply need
Of shady morals as in seed.

At the same time, the question may
Arise in regard to the fray
Of religious traditions not
Represented in writings’ plot
Chosen for this work. Among those
Are prominent the Christian pose,
Judaic and Karaim rose,
Samaritan and Islam’s nose.

The dualist traditions are
Not far off, and a glance at star
Sabeans of all kinds and bar,
The Zoroastrian is not
Inappropriate, even lot
Of Manichaean and the word
Of Mandaean, Avesta stirred,
The writings of the Ahlil-Haqq:
Do not appear among this stock.

The underlying assumption
Basic to this work when it’s done,
Is that there are two ways that God
Reveals His will upon the sod.
The first is natural and found
Inside the body, on the ground.
The second is a special kind
Or verbal revelation’s bind.
The natural faiths I do not touch
Here, not because I find them much
Invalid, but because this work
Is focused on the word for quirk.
Yet verbal revelation’s not
In necessary conflict sought
With natural faith. No, not at all.
They’re complementary at the ball.

Hinduism, Jainism too,
Buddhism, Taoism in view
And Confucianism all have
A natural basis and a salve.
That very natural basis is
Foundational in every whiz
Of human faith and faithful biz.
That foundation is true, no doubt,
No matter where it comes with shout.
Each of those faiths has gained some ground,
Awareness of some aspect found
In natural faith to unique heights,
And each deserves respect for lights.
By the same token, Decalogue
May serve as rule of thumb in fog
Of judging the validity
Of those faiths without poverty.
It can be used as well to judge
The revealed faiths in claim of smudge.
There’s no faith anywhere that takes
Adultery, murder of rakes,
And lying as a thing well done.
The Decalogue criterion
Shows no faith anywhere to lack
More than half of commandments’ stack.
So all faiths are more positive
Than they can be said negative.
By the same token none of them
Conform to Decalogue in gem
With its perfection, all of them
Are thus imperfect in their hem.

This brings us back to what we found
About the Zabur, Psalms on ground,
The way by which a single man
Ought to relate to power in scan
Of systems that conflict with that
Great Decalogue in what they spat.
All faiths include enough of right
Morality to keep in sight
As faiths continuing for spite.
All of them stay in context of
Large social systems with a glove
To defend territories and
The governmental powers that stand.
They all succeed because they leave
Off those aspects of YHWH’s law’s sleeve
That limit man’s authority.
As such, the popular faiths show
Help to sustain the systems’ row
On violence contained that’s needed
By every government that’s seeded.

While the first half of the Zabur,
Especially in the Maccabees,
Expressed acute conflict and sure
Between faith and authorities,
The second half is no less bright
In concentrating on that site.
Auschwitz was an experiment
That proved successful as it went,
Which is why it has been in fact,
With modifications it lacked,
Applied globally until now.
The Soviet Union was how
Far an experiment could go
To show to what extent the people
Can function in a state sans steeple,
Where military spending runs
Into abuse by tonnes and tonnes.
It too was a success, and so
Military industries show
Themselves foundation of the glow
Of global economics’ row.
Result’s proliferation of
That time of trouble hand in glove
Described in Daniel chapter twelve
And verse number one if you delve.

This writing does not contemplate
The world as pessimistic state.
It simply suggests that the law
Of ten commandments kept in awe
For a few years of education,
Would change the world and every nation,
Into a paradise for ration.
The twentieth century has taught
That hell exists in what men wrought,
For it has used technology
To create hell in earthly spree.
It just remains in next century
To prove the same of heavenly tree.

In the meantime the single man
Can and must create in his span
That vast reality and in
His own sphere of action and bin.
Such is the purpose of these few
Contemplations I set in view.

This volume of the Zabur sets
The name of Muhammad and gets
The glory for that in the Psalm
One hundred and six without qualm,
Verse twenty-four. Besides that news
The name’s repeated in bright hues
In Song of Solomon sixteen
Of chapter five in shining sheen.
The prophets amplify the sound
Of the last sent one on the ground
In Jeremiah three nineteen,
And in twelve passages to glean.
I have recuperated more
By suggesting the Hebrew store
Behind Greek texts sometimes reveals
The flash of eye and silver heels.
So Sirach two, for instance, waits
With the same message in its gates.

The greater expectation here
Is in the book of Daniel near
The end, where every prophecy
Focuses on Jerusalem
And shows the great variety
Of fates for that town like a gem,
Which at last shall become the hem
Of justice in age messianic
For all the world in a titanic
Rule of uprightness that’s instilled
In Decalogue. The date is billed
As twenty twenty-six, just wait
To see if this world’s folk in state
Will follow in the great prediction
And set up justice without sliction.
The prophecy provides the date,
The way, the rule, the time and hope.
It just remains for us, no pope,
To lay hold on the great divine
And offered government’s design.

So may all faiths, races, and sorts
Of people leave their evil sports
And join as one under one God
To live in justice on the sod.

My path of scholar has been lost,
My path of Christian faith been tossed,
As I walk in the gardens here
Of divine words with awe and fear
To find a single word of cheer:
An artist willing to appear
Each day in different dress and still
Remain enthralled upon the hill
With glories that flame and fulfil
The hopes of none by my own soul
Caught without hopes and without goal.

Cry fie upon the institutions
Of faith and fine belief’s solutions!
The day of churches, synagogues
And even mosques goes to the dogs.
And since I am a dervish dog
I bend to take up from the bog
The tattered volumes, Hebrew tome,
Greek letters and Arabic gnome,
And kiss the pages dank and wet
And taste the fruit of glories met.


Copyright © 2007 Adams & McElwain Publishers and Thomas McElwain First Published in two volumes, The Beloved and I 2005, and Led of the Beloved, 2006. Second Edition, 2010 Third and revised edition, 2012 All rights reserved. No part of this verse commentary on the sacred Scriptures may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from publisher.

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