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1 It came to pass after he died,
Jacob did, that they multiplied,
Did the children of Israel
In the land of Egypt a spell,
And so they became a great nation,
And they were of one heart and ration,
So that brother loved brother and
Every man gave a helping hand,
And they increased abundantly
And multiplied exceedingly,
Ten [2242 A.M.] weeks of years, 2 all the days of
The life of Joseph, and for love
There was no foe nor any evil
All the days of Joseph’s retrieval
Which he lived beyond the lifespan
Of his father Jacob began,
For all the Egyptians were pleased
To honour Israel’s folk appeased
As long as Joseph lived. 3 And he,
Joseph died being elderly
At one hundred and ten years old,
Seventeen years he lived unsold
In Canaan’s land, and ten years he
Was a servant, and three years stayed
In prison, and eighty years greyed
Under the king, to rule the land
And all of Egypt at his hand.
4 And he died and his brothers too
And all that generation’s crew.

Joseph managed with cunning and appeal
To You, Beloved, to live a fruitful spiel
In peace and loved activity upon
The land where he fled from the rising dawn.
Joseph managed to save himself and those
Who were born in his family’s gentle close,
And all of Egypt from starvation’s throes,
But he could not cast life and love abroad
On Egypt after his death met the sod.
Joseph managed, and so manage the few
And many on their earthly pilgrim shoe.
But in the end the lustre and the fame
Go to the dust along with glory’s flame
And only Your heart remembers the name.

5 And he commanded Israel’s folk
Before he died that they should cloak
His bones with them when they went out
From Egypt’s land with a great rout.
6 And he made them swear to the thing
Regarding his bones, for the king
He knew of the Egyptians would
Not again bring out if they could
And bury him in Canaan’s land,
For Makamaron, Canaan’s king,
While in Assyria sojourning,
Fought in the valley with the king
Of Egypt and he killed him there,
And pursued the Egyptians bare
To the gates of ‘Ermon. 7 But he
Was not able to enter free,
For another, a new king, reigned
In Egypt, who was better trained
Than he and so he turned him back
To Canaan’s land for giving flack,
And the gates of Egypt were closed,
And none went out and none proposed
To enter Egypt. 8 And Joseph
Departed life from being chef
In the forty-sixth jubilee,
In the sixth week, and in the fee
Of second year, they buried him
In Egypt’s land with gear and trim,
And [2242 A.M.] all his brothers after him.

The secret’s out, why the new king knew not
What Joseph had achieved in Egypt’s plot.
Joseph was Canaanite and Syrian,
And better part of valour is a plan
To keep an eye on those who might rise up
To help the enemy quaff silver cup.
The Egyptian did not forget the day
That Joseph was sold as a slave to play,
Brought down from Canaan’s land to bitter toil.
Egyptians knew Joseph’s and Jacob’s soil
Was that of Canaan and not of the Nile.
I take warning, Beloved, no matter what
I do to favour those whose land I glut,
In the end to me all the doors are shut.

9 And the king of Egypt went out
To war with Canaan’s king in rout [2263 A.M.]
In forty-seventh jubilee,
In the second week, second year,
And Israel’s folk brought out in fear
All the bones of Jacob’s spawn save
The bones of Joseph to the cave,
And buried them there in the field
In the double cave and concealed
In the mountain. 10 And most of them
Returned to Egypt, but a hem
Of them remained in the Hebron’s mount,
And Amram your father in count
Remained with them. 11 And Canaan’s king
Trounced Egypt’s king, and for that thing
He closed the gates of Egypt, 12 and
Devised evil against the hand
Of Israel’s folk afflicting them
And spoke evil in stratagem
To the people of Egypt, “See
The people of Israel’s folk be
Increased in number more than we.
13 “Come, let us deal wisely with them
Before they become too many,
And afflict them with slavery
Before war come upon us and
Before they too fight in command
Against us, else they’ll join our foes
And go up from their bungalows
Out of the land, for their hearts and
Faces are set towards Canaan’s land.”
14 And he set taskmasters afflicting
Them with harsh slavery and restricting,
And they built strong cities to be
For Pharaoh, Pithom, and Raamsee
And they built all the walls and all
The fortifications in stall
Fallen in Egypt’s cities. 15 And
They made them serve with rigour’s hand,
And the more they dealt wickedly
With them, the more they increased and
Multiplied. And Egypt’s folk, see,
Hated Israel’s folk mortally.

Nothing engenders hate so much as love
Of a land different from push and shove
About the local market place. I draw
Comparison to those in India’s maw
Who love Mecca above the Ganges straw.
Even the thoughtful Hindu now and then
Arises to destroy such evil men
Who love a far-off treasure land more than
The earth that brought them forth and feeds as can.
I shall be hated too, Beloved, as I
Seek no land but Your heart and gracious eye,
And make the pilgrimage of my doorpost
To find Your divine footprints with the boast
Of squirrel and bird tracks before dawn is nigh.


1 And in the seventh week, and in
The seventh year, that came within
The forty-seventh jubilee,
Your father went forth and freely [2303 A.M.]
From Canaan’s land, and you were born
In the fourth week, in sixth year torn
From it, in the [2330 A.M.] forty-eighth running
Jubilee, this was time of cunning
Tribulation on Israel’s folk.
2 And Pharaoh, king of Egypt, spoke
Issuing a command in stroke
Against them that they should cast all
Their boy children born and in stall
Into the river. 3 And they cast
Them in for seven months at last
Until the day that you were born
And your mother hid you from scorn
For three months, then they reported
Regarding her. 4 And she made lid
And ark for you, and covered it
With pitch and asphalt until fit,
And placed it in the flags beside
The bank of the river to bide,
And she put you there seven days,
And your mother came there by night
And suckled you, and by daylight
Miriam, your sister, guarded you
From the birds. 5 And in those days true
Tharmuth, the daughter of Pharaoh,
Came to bathe in the river tow,
And she heard your voice crying, and
She made her maidens bring in hand,
And they brought you to her. 6 And she
Took you out of the ark, and she
Had compassion on you. 7 And see,
Your sister said to her, “Shall I
Go and call you one of the sly
Hebrew women to nurse and suckle
This babe for you, and not unbuckle?”
8 And she said to her, “Go.” And she
Went and called Jochebed to be
Your mother, and she gave her wages,
And she nursed you ages and ages.

The daylight brings month after month the sight
Of murder and concession to the right
Of ruler to keep peace as best he can
By killing potential republican.
The daylight brings to light unholy creed
That power is necessary for the feed
Of the majority as well as clan
Of the elite whose interests sway the fan.
But nightfall opens up the secret door
That lets out quiet life upon the floor
Of slaughter, and gives suckle to the soul.
Beloved, I turn away from empty bowl
Of necessary evil in the march
To seek Your secret breast of life in arch.

9 And afterwards, when you were grown,
They brought you up before the throne,
To Pharaoh’s daughter to become
Her son, and Amram, man not dumb,
Your father taught you writing, and
After you had lived by command
For three weeks they brought you into
The royal court of Egypt. 10 You
Were three weeks of years at the court
Until the time [2351-] when you for sport
Going out from the royal court
Saw an Egyptian smiting your
Friend who was [2372 A.M.] of Israel’s folk more,
You killed and hid him in the sand.
11 And on the second day at hand
You saw two of Israel’s folk stand
Against each other, and you said
To him who was doing the wrong,
“Why do You hit your brother long?”
12 And he was angry and he said
“Who made you prince and judge of us?
Do you intend to blunderbuss
Me as you destroyed yesterday
The Egyptian come in your way?”
And you were afraid and you fled
On account of what he had said.

The killing of babies results at last
In babies killing men, the cycle past
Renews again and once again to be
The tangled wheel to trip humanity.
Who survived Spain’s Mexican holocaust
Bears brood to rise and kill the rulers tossed
Upon them from a foreign shore, and yet
The native blood boils over the bound set.
Who survived Hitler’s Aryan love lives to
Horrify generations up to do
Atrocities upon the nearest crew.
Beloved, You penetrate the minds of men
And women with awful ten words again
That heard could change the frightful, insane yen.


1 And in the sixth year of third week
Of the forty-ninth jubilee
You departed to live and seek
In [2372 A.M.] the land of Midian freely,
For five weeks and one year. And You
Returned to Egypt as if due
In second week in second year
In the fiftieth jubilee.
2 And so you yourself know what He
Told you on [2410 A.M.] Mount Sinai for fear,
And what prince Mastema desired
To do with you when you retired
Returning into Egypt’s land.
3 Did he not with all his strong hand
Seek to slay you and set beyond
Your reach Egyptians vagabond
When he saw that you were sent back
To execute judgment not slack
And vengeance on the Egyptians?
4 And I saved you out of his stuns,
And you performed the signs and wonders
Which you were sent to do with thunders
In Egypt against Pharaoh, and
Against all his house, and to stand
Against his servants and his folk.
5 And YHWH performed a vengeance great
On them for Israel’s sake and state,
And smote them through the plagues of blood
And frogs, lice and dog-flies in flood,
And malignant boils breaking out
In blains, and their cattle by rout
Of death, and by hail-stones, by which
He destroyed everything in pitch
That grew for them, and by devouring
Locusts that ate the rests and scouring
That had been left by hail and dark,
And by death of the first-born stark
Of men and animals, 6 and on
All their idols engraved and sawn
YHWH took vengeance and burned with fire,
And everything was sent by hire
Of your hand, that you should declare
These things before they were done there,
And you spoke with Egyptian king
Before all his servants in ring
And before his people of sting,
7 Everything took place according
To your words, ten great judgements fell
On the land of Egypt in spell
To do vengeance for Israel.

To all men in every place Your word falls
As on Israel and on Egyptian walls.
All see and hear the thunder on the swells
And cross themselves and say their magic spells.
Ten words of judgement You recite each day,
And every ear hears all the things You say.
They heard them once beside the bloody Nile,
They heard them once sung on Sinai in style,
They heard the ten words with each wayward mile
They wander through the desert and with guile
Shape wonders of events to shatter men.
Beloved, Your ten words echo and again
Strike every ear from city street to fen.
I hear the penetrating silent pen.

8 And YHWH did everything He did
For Israel’s sake, and by the bid
To His covenant ordained by
Abraham that He would reply
In vengeance on them as they’d brought
Them by force into bondage lot.
9 And the prince Mastema stood up
Against you to cast you in cup
And hands of Pharaoh, and he helped
Egyptian sorcerers, 10 and yelped
When they stood up and wrought before
You the evils allowed in store,
But remedies We did not let
To be wrought by their hands or set.
11 And YHWH struck them with boils and sores,
And they could not stand on their floors,
For we destroyed them so that they
Could not perform a single ray.

It’s true indeed, Beloved, that You destroy
Today as ever sorcerer’s employ,
And they go down to Tophet to enjoy
The fires of love unquenched upon the pyre
Of death. It’s true, Beloved, and my desire.
It’s also true Your faithful at the brink
In quiet trust walk on only to sink
To the grave for their pains and promised spoil.
There is no difference between the toil.
Tell me where I stand on the dergah’s soil
If at the final sacrifice and gift
And my soul in extinguishing sparks lift,
The momentary joy stays unexpressed
Of seeing Your invisible face dressed.

12 And notwithstanding all these signs
And wonders the prince of designs
Mastema was not put to shame
Because he took courage and fame
And cried to the Egyptians to
Pursue after you with the crew
Of the Egyptians, with their great
Chariots, and their horses late,
And with all the hosts of the folk
Of Egypt. 13 And I stood for stroke
Between Egyptians and Israel,
Out of his hand We saved Israel,
And out of the hand of his folk,
And YHWH brought them through a dry sea,
As if it had been dry land’s lea,
And all the peoples whom he brought
To pursue Israel, YHWH our Gott
Cast them into the great sea wrought,
Into the depths of the abyss
Beneath Israel’s folk and amiss,
14 Even as Egypt’s folk had cast
Their children in the river’s blast
He took vengeance on them in number
Thousand times thousand where they slumber,
And one thousand of their strong men
Were destroyed for each suckling ben
Of the children of your folk then
Which they’d thrown in the river den.
15 And on the fourteenth day and on
The fifteenth and sixteenth days’ dawn
And on the seventeenth and yet
On the eighteenth the prince was set,
And Mastema was bound and kept
Behind the folk of Israel, wept
That he might not accuse them more.
16 And on the nineteenth to restore
We let them loose that they might help
The Egyptians and follow whelp
Of Israel’s folk. 17 And he made hard
Their hearts and made them stubborn guard,
And the device was devised by
YHWH our God that He might on high
Smite the Egyptians and cast them
Into the sea by stratagem.
18 And on the fourteenth day we bound
Him that he might not find a ground
To accuse Israel’s folk that day
When they asked the Egyptians stray
For vessels, clothing, pots of gold,
And pots of silver and bronze sold,
To despoil the Egyptians bold
In return for the bondage they
Had forced them into on the way.
19 And we did not lead out the folk
Of Israel from Egypt’s land broke.

No wonder exodus remains the point
Of hope for every oppressed out of joint
Since that day. You came out once to approve
A vengeance unheard of and one to move
Every heart living. For each baby drowned
You cast into the raging waters found
A thousand of those who were children of
Those who obeyed Pharaoh for wealth or love
To cast the Hebrew babies in the Nile.
Although I still would sip waters a while
From Egypt’s river, I bless Red Sea’s shore
For what You did once to revenge the score.
Beloved, vengeance repaid is now enough.
Return to save the world from raw and rough.


1 Remember the commandment which
YHWH commanded you without hitch
Concerning the Passover, that
You should celebrate it as fat
In its season on fourteenth day
Of the first month (Tuesday), that in your way
You should kill it before the eve,
And that they should eat the reprieve
By night on the eve of the day
Number fifteen from the time’s way
Of setting of the sun. 2 For on
This night, the beginning till dawn
Of the festival and the start
Of the joy, you were eating part
Of the Passover in Egypt,
When all powers of Mastema clipped
Had been let loose to slay the first
Born in the land of Egypt cursed,
From the first-born of Pharaoh to
The first-born of the captive due
Maid-servant in the mill, and to
The cattle. 3 And this is the sign
That YHWH gave to them in combine,
In every house on the doorposts
Of which they saw the blood in boasts
Of a lamb, one of the first year,
Into that house they should have fear
To enter and to slay, but pass
By it, that all those in their class
Be saved that were in the house since
The sign of the blood would convince
On its doorposts. 4 And powers of YHWH
Did everything according to
What YHWH commanded them, and they
Passed by all Israel’s folk that day,
And the plague did not fall on them
To destroy any among them,
No cattle, or man, even dog.
5 And the plague was a grievous clog
In Egypt, and there was no house
In Egypt where there was not spouse
Weeping, lamenting for the dead.
6 And all Israel was eating fed
The flesh of the Passover lamb,
And drinking the grape juice to cram,
And praising, blessing, giving thanks
To YHWH God of their fathers’ banks,
And was ready to go out from
Under the yoke of Egypt’s drum,
And from the evil bondage there.
7 And remember You this day’s care
All the days of your life, and keep
It year to year in all days steep
Of your life, once a year, upon
Its day, according to law drawn,
And do not put it off a day,
Or for a month in sinners’ sway.

It seems this verse is levelled to account
Of those who put off Passover in count
Of intercalation of month at end
Of the year lunar when the seasons mend,
And for a day, so as to keep postponement.
I did not know the practice was a lonement
So early sought, at least the latter one.
One cannot blame Hillel then for what’s done.
The book is simply a polemic stand.
That does not keep it from containing grand
Instruction from You, my Beloved, and yet
It is a reason for the doubter met.
I do not put off for a month or day
My meeting, but rush to You in the way.

8 For it is an eternal law,
And engraven to see with awe
Upon the heavenly tablets for
All the children of Israel’s score,
That they should keep it every year
Upon its day and once a year,
Throughout their generations’ fear,
And there is no limit of days,
For this is ordained for always.
9 And the man who is free from such
Uncleanness, and does not come touch
The keeping of its day, so as
To bring the right offering he has
Before YHWH, and to eat and drink
Before YHWH on the day and brink
Of its festival, that man who
Is clean and close at hand to do
Shall be cut off, because he’s not
Offered the oblation of YHWH
In its appointed season due,
He shall take the guilt on himself.
10 Let Israel’s folk come without elf
And keep the Passover the day
Of its fixed time, the fourteenth day
Of the first month, between the two
Evenings, from the third part in due
Of the day to the third part of
The night, for two portions above
Of the day are given to the light,
And a third part to evening, night.

The fourteenth day is celebrated best
In hope for what the evening will invest.
The weeks hinge on the Sabbath and the crest
That rises with the coming of the day
Number four to stop in the way to pray.
The small due of the morning meets the sway
Of still noon heat, and still I wait the bright
Blood of the sacrifice as the sunlight
Turns red and purple, signs toward the night.
Beloved, the centuries have clouded now
The calendar, and there’s news on each brow
For this or that. The trouble is Your year
Does not coincide with a day, I fear.
But no excuse is that Sabbaths appear.

11 This is that which YHWH has commanded
You that you keep what He’s demanded
Between the evenings. 12 And it’s not
Permissible to slay a jot
Of it during time of the light,
But during the time next to night,
And let them eat it at the time
Of the evening, until up climb
The third part of the night, and what
Is left over of all it’s got
Of flesh from the third part of night
And onwards, let them burn the sight
With fire. 13 And they shall not cook it
With water, nor shall they eat it
Raw, but roasted upon the fire.
They shall eat it with great desire,
Its head with the inwards of it
And its feet they shall roast as fit
With fire, and not break any bone,
For of Israel’s folk shall no bone
Be crushed. 14 For this cause YHWH commanded
The children of Israel remanded
To keep the Passover upon
The day of its fixed time to dawn,
And they shall break no bone of it,
For it’s a festal day and fit,
A day commanded, and there may
Be no passing from day to day,
And month to month, but on the day
Of its appointment let it be
Observed. 15 And do you command the
Children of Israel to observe
The Passover and not to swerve
Throughout their days, and every year,
Once a year on the day appear
Of its fixed time, and it shall come
For a memorial well in sum
And pleasing before YHWH, and no
Plague shall come upon them like foe
To slay or smite in that year in
Which they celebrate without sin
The Passover in its season
In every respect as is done
By His command. 16 And they shall not
Eat it outside the temple plot
Of YHWH, but before the tent sought
Of YHWH, and all the people of
The assembly of Israel’s love
Shall celebrate it at its time
Appointed. 17 And each pantomime
Of man who has come on its day
Shall eat it in the temple way
Of your God before YHWH from twenty
Years old and upward for as plenty,
For so is it written and set
That they should eat it when they’ve met
In the sanctuary of YHWH.
18 And when Israel’s folk come into
The land which they are to possess,
Into the land of Canaan, yes,
And set up the tabernacle
Of YHWH in the midst of the full
Land in one of their tribes until
The temple of YHWH has been built
In the land, let them come and keep
The Passover in the tent peep
Of YHWH, and let them slaughter it
Before YHWH year to year as fit.
19 And in the days with the house built
In the name of YHWH without guilt
In the land of their heritage,
They shall go there and take the stage
To slaughter the Passover in
The evening, at sunset, and in
The third part of the day. 20 And they
Shall offer its blood on the way
Of threshold of the altar’s pyre,
And shall place its fat on the fire
Which is upon the altar, and
They shall eat its flesh hand to hand,
Roasted with fire in the house court
Which has been sanctified in short
In the name of YHWH. 21 And they may
Not celebrate Passover day
In their cities, nor any place
Except before the tent of YHWH,
Or before His house where His face
And name has dwelt, and they shall do
So not to go astray from YHWH.

There is no tent at all set up except
The dome of the rock where many have wept.
Around the world many count up the days
Of the spring rite by sun and moon and ways
All foreign to Your law, and many camp
Upon the threshold and doorpost with damp
Wine without slain lamb, others make a stake
In Easter eggs and what they fry and bake.
Beloved, will You meet no one anywhere
But before the tent door of that place bare
And blistered in the sun where since that time
The thousands have died on the brief cliff’s climb?
I come to my own door and look abroad
To see if there is any sign of God.

22 And you, Moses, command the folk
Of Israel to observe the stroke
Of the Passover, as it was
Commanded to you, set in laws,
Declare to them every year and
The day of its days, and the stand
Of feast of the unleavened bread,
That they should eat unleavened bread
Seven days, and to keep its feast,
To bring an oblation at least
Every day during those seven days
Of joy before YHWH and for praise
Upon the altar of your God.
23 For you kept this feast with the rod
In haste when you went out the land
Of Egypt till you entered land
Of desert of Shur, for upon
The seashore you finished it drawn.

My own grandmothers must have kept the cue
Very well in obedience to You.
I think they had no barley, no, nor wheat,
And could not make bread with yeast as a feat.
They mixed their maized and boiled their corn to eat.
If they did not know when the time came past
For Passover and unleavened bread’s fast,
It hardly mattered, since they spent the year
Without yeast and with only corn in ear.
It was enough to pound it to take off
The hulls and then to soak it in a trough
With ashes till the grains swelled up to be
The breakfast of half of humanity.
I thank my grandmothers most faithfully.


1 And after this law I made known
To you the days of Sabbaths shown
In the desert of Sin, which is
Between Elim and Sinai’s whiz.
2 I told you of the Sabbaths of
The land on Mount Sinai above,
And I told you of jubilee
Years in the Sabbaths of years free,
But the year of it I have not
Told you till you enter the plot
Which you are to possess in lot.
3 And the land also, it shall keep
Its Sabbaths while they live and sleep
Upon it, and they’ll come to know
The jubilee year. 4 I’m not slow
To ordain for you the year-weeks
And the years and jubilees’ streaks,
There are forty-nine jubilees
From the days of Adam to this
Day, [2410 A.M.] and one week and two years’ ease,
And there are yet forty amiss
Years to come for learning the [2450 A.M.] law
Of YHWH, until they pass on paw
Over into the promised land
Of Canaan, crossing Jordan’s strand
To the west. 5 And the jubilees
Shall pass by, until Israel please
To be cleansed from all guilt and such
Of fornication, unclean touch,
Pollution, sin, and error, and
Dwells with faithfulness in the land,
And there shall be no more a foe
Or any evil one to go,
And the land shall be clean from that
Time for evermore where it’s at.

The forty years in wilderness was set
To learn the law and so with righteous net
To become a people like never met.
The other explanation that is found
Is that the people on the way were bound
In punishment because they laughed and clowned
At Caleb’s wit and Joshua come round.
All things have the side of a judgement sent
And opportunity to know the meant.
It only takes a choice to set the plough
To furrow and to follow in the trough.
Beloved, despite the punishment I see
Upon the world about me without glee,
I follow divine opportunity.

6 And indeed the commandment of
The Sabbaths, I’ve written above
For you, and all the judgments of
Its laws. 7 Six days shall you do task,
But on the seventh day to bask
Is the Sabbath of YHWH your God.
In it you shall do nought to plod
In any kind of work, you and
Your children, and your slaves in hand
And your maidservants, all your beasts
And the sojourner at your feasts.
8 And the man that does any work
On it shall die instead of shirk,
Whoever desecrates that day,
Whoever lies with his wife’s play,
Or whoever says he will do
Something on it, that he will view
To set out on a journey then
To buy or sell or spend a yen,
And whoever draws water then
Which he had not prepared himself
On the sixth day upon the shelf,
And whoever takes up a load
To carry it out of his stowed,
From tent or house shall surely die,
Or else I’ll come to ask you why.

Beloved, Your Sabbath day is blessing granted
Upon the earth and me, the sound and planted.
I thank You for the word that poses still
Upon the whispered Sabbath sounds on hill
And in the forest near my cabined frame.
Your Sabbath is my day of best acclaim.
Beloved, Your Sabbath day returns to me
And touches my soul with eternity.
Without it I would sink into the dust
Of passing days seeing gold turn to rust.
From Adam to Moses You wrote its rhyme,
And now it sings and glitters in my time.
I lay hold on the right to rest and stay
The hand that would impoverish my day.

9 You shall do no work then at all
On the Sabbath day to appal
Except what you’ve prepared in stall
For yourselves on the sixth day’s fall,
So as to eat, and drink, and rest,
And keep Sabbath from all work best
On that day to bless YHWH your God,
Who has given upon the sod
A day of festival for you
And a holy day for your due,
And a day of holy kingdom
For all Israel is this day’s sum
Among their days for ever true.
10 For great is the honour which YHWH
Has given to Israel that they should
Eat and drink and be as they could
Satisfied on this festive day,
And rest on it from all the sway
Of labour which belongs unto
The labour of humankind due,
Except burning frankincense and
Bringing oblations in their hand
And sacrifices before YHWH
For days and for the Sabbaths due.
11 This work alone shall be done then
On the Sabbath-days among men
In the sanctuary of YHWH
Your God, that they may ever true
Atone for Israel with offering
Always from day to day to bring
Memorial well-pleasing to
YHWH, and that He may receive due
From them always from day to day
According as you’ve heard today.
12 And every man who does some work
On it, or goes on journey’s quirk,
Or tills his farm, whether in his
House or any other places,
And whoever kindles a fire,
Or rides on any beast or hire,
Or travels by ship on the sea,
And whoever strikes or makes free
To kill anything, or in stake
Slaughters a beast or bird, to make
A trap for animal or bird
Or fish, or whoever is heard
To fast or makes war on the day
Of the Sabbaths. 13 The man whose way
Is to do any of these things
On the Sabbath shall die as sings,
So that Israel’s folk shall observe
The Sabbaths by law not to swerve
Regarding Sabbaths of the land,
As it is writ in tablets’ stand,
Which He has given in my hand
That I should write out for you laws
Of the seasons, and seasons’ straws
According to their days’ division.
Here is finished and done decision
Of the account of the division
Of the days in all their precision.

I may be slave to this or that along
The narrows of the days and hours of song
That merge upon my working weeks with wrong.
I may be taken with the toils that break
Out in the world for life and houses make,
The rush of sale and dickering’s cunning bite.
I may be dominated by the night
And harried by the day, and yet my fight
Returns each week to Sabbath and its share.
Though I meet You with each breath and each care,
On Sabbath I mount with You on Your throne
And turn into a king instead of drone.
Beloved, share if You will Your high estate,
Or keep me in Your heart a single rate.


Copyright © 2007 Adams & McElwain Publishers and Thomas McElwain First Published in two volumes, The Beloved and I 2005, and Led of the Beloved, 2006. Second Edition, 2010 Third and revised edition, 2012 All rights reserved. No part of this verse commentary on the sacred Scriptures may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from publisher.

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Post  Thomas McElwain on Sat 16 Nov 2013, 02:48

The final verses of the Book of Jubilees refer to the blessed Sabbath. On this blessed Sabbath day I pray that God will pour out His best on those who read this forum and lovingly come before Him on the Sabbath day in praise and prayer.

Thomas McElwain

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