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1 And it happened after this that
I saw a wagon host where sat
Men riding on them, and they came
On the east wind, and on the flame
From west to south. 2 Their wagons’ sound
Was heard aloud and all around,
And when this turmoil had occurred
The saints from heaven by it stirred
The earth’s pillars out from their place,
And the sound of it made its race
From one end of the sky unto
The other in one day’s ado.
3 And they shall all fall down to bring
Worship to Lord of Spirits, King.
So ends second parable’s thing.

The visions given to all prophets, that
In age to come rose, fell where Enoch sat.
Ezekiel lifted up his eye to see
The wagons and their wheels eternally
Rotating on the blessèd firmament.
He saw again the holy vision sent
To Enoch. My Beloved, beneath the sky
In ordinary clouds of glory sly
I turn my sights to bland creation’s flame
To hear them shout too loudly the acclaim.
The glory of my ordinary days
Is too filled with Your mercy and Your praise.
That’s why You send no miracles in blast
To overwhelm eyes already downcast.


1 And I began to speak the third
Parable concerning the word
Of the righteous and the elect.
2 Blessed are you, righteous and elect,
For glorious you shall be decked.
3 And the righteous bask in the light
Of the sun. The elect in sight
Of life eternal, and the days
Of their life are unending praise,
And the days of the saints unnumbered.
4 And they shall seek light unencumbered,
And find righteousness with the Lord
Of Spirits, there shall not be sword
But Islam to the righteous folk
In Lord Eternal’s name awoke.

St. Matthew quotes beatitudes when one
Called Christ rose on the hill to speak in fun,
And those beatitudes by St. Luke’s hint
Held something of Deuteronomic glint.
But Moses himself, when he writes the law
Does not fail to quote Enoch in his awe
Of blessings and to speak the truth as well
Of cursings when he comes to break the spell.
Beloved, come and strike down in me what fails
To meet the elect, and lift what prevails
In my heart hearkening to Your commands.
Give me the reward of grace from Your hands
And I shall praise You beneath star and sun
With Enoch who sees all things since begun.

5 And after this it shall be said
To saints in heaven they should be fed
With secrets of their righteousness,
The heritage of faith confess,
For it’s become bright as the sun
Upon earth, and the darkness done.
6 And there’ll be light that never ends,
They’ll find unending time that lends
Destruction first to darkness and
The light established by command
And the light of uprightness set
For ever before the Lord yet.

The third great wonder of the sky is peace.
Indeed, if there were peace where the wars cease,
It would be wonder above all that seen
In every vision’s flight and go-between.
The heritage of the faith of peace is
Also a violent and stormy biz,
At least so far. I guess the secret’s out
Only in heaven for a saintly shout,
While earth continues in the awful weight
Of dandelions and violets in state,
Unconscious it may seem of all the gore
That lies upon earth’s breast and waits in store.
Beloved, I seek that peace for kith and kin
That lights the Sabbath lamps that burn within.


1 In those days my eyes viewed the hidden
Places of lightnings, and the bidden
Lights, and the judgements that they bear,
And they lighten for blessing where
The Lord of spirits wills, or then
For cursing on dwellings of men.
2 And there I saw the thunder down
In secrets all about the town,
And how when echoing on the sky
Its marching is heard going by,
And he caused me to see judgements
Sent by them where the earth relents,
Whether for good and blessing, or
For a curse according as swore
The Lord of spirits gone before.
3 And after that the mysteries of
The lights and lightnings shown above
To me, and how they lighten for
Blessing and satisfying more.


A Fragment of the Book of Noah
1 In the year five hundred to show a
Seventh month, on the fourteenth day
Of the month in Enoch’s life’s way.

The feast of booths that marked the year of life
Five hundred in Enoch’s pathway of strife
Against evil in his own heart that would
Appear if ever evil in such could,
And wickedness in places high and low,
Angelic and human, the swift and slow,
Shows up in revelation on the tongue
Of Noah when he was a man so young.
The revelations of the bright and fair
Who keep the times and calendars to share
With those who love the weeks and Sabbaths best
Are fraught with love and warnings well confessed.
Beloved, let me that love and warning here
From Noah and his hearth fire’s glowing cheer.

In that parable I saw how
A mighty quaking made a row
In the high heavens, and the host
Of the Most High, the angels’ boast,
A thousand thousands all by name,
Ten thousand times ten thousand came
To be disquieted with great
Disquiet. 2 The Ancient of Days
Sat on throne of His glory’s praise,
And the angels and righteous late
Stood all around Him in their state.

The heavenly earthquake is a row that few
Living upon the earth now have in view.
Enoch alone living perhaps remarks
In memory the shaking of the parks
Celestial. But ten thousand thousands there
And ten times ten thousand of them to share
That fright of angels, those beings are known
To every prophet down at least to clone
Of St. John where he sits admiring stone,
And Daniel who lived before him to plot
Not to bow before king or idol’s lot.
Beloved, the sky above me seems serene,
And nothing shakes my wonder grey or green
That glances at the open heaven’s sheen.

3 And then a great trembling seized me,
And fear set on me mightily,
And my loins trembled, and dissolved
Were my kidneys, and it devolved
On me to fall upon my face.
4 And Michael sent another grace
Of angel from among the saints
And he raised me from my complaints,
And when he’d raised me up my spirit
Returned, for I had not been near it
To bear the sight of this great host,
And the commotion and the most
Wild shaking of the sky. 5 And then
Michael said to me among men
“Why are You troubled at the sight?
Until this day, the day of light
In His mercy extended, and
He’s been merciful in the land
And patient towards all those who live
On earth. 6 “And when the day will give,
And power, punishment, judgement come,
Which the Lord of Spirits in sum
Has made for those who do not bow
Before the righteous law like sow,
And for those who deny the right
Judgement, and for those who would take
His name in vain, then for their sake
The day’s prepared, for the elect
A covenant, but to inspect
The ways of sinners. 7 “When shall rest
On them the punishment at best
Of the Lord of Spirits, it shall
Not rest once to make prodigal
The Lord’s of Spirits punishment
Upon all spirits at once sent,
But it shall slay the child with dam,
And child with father with a slam.

I interject before Michael’s retreat
From casting such delicious words to eat.
The reason I believe that Michael does
Not speak to me like Enoch is because
Unlike Enoch I am not troubled that
Evil should befall wicked where they sat.
My craven heart that cries for justice still
Prevents the word of Michael on my hill,
And keeps that worthy angel silent till
The rumblings of Your vengeance come to spill
Out on the ways of sinners that rain strife
Upon me and the likes of me in life.
Beloved, only non-violence can save
A man from committing something unbrave.

Afterwards the judgement shall take
Place by His mercy in the stake
Of His patience.” 8 And on that day
Were two monsters parted in twa,
A female named Leviathan,
To live in the abysses span
Of the ocean upon the founts
Of waters. But the male that mounts
Is named Behemoth, who resided
With his breast a waste and derided
Wilderness named Duidain before
The garden where the elect’s shore
Gives dwelling to the righteous, where
My grandfather was caught to bear
And taken up, the seventh from
Adam, the first man whom made come
The Lord of Spirits by creation.
9 And I besought the other ration,
The angel that he should show me
The might of those monsters, and see
How they were parted on one day
And cast, the one into the sway
Of the abysses of the sea,
And the other onto the free
Dry land upon the wilderness.
10 And he said to me to confess
‘You son of man, herein You seek
To know what’s hidden from the meek.’

Beloved, how often You have crazed mankind
With taunts that we’re not only deaf but blind.
Poor Job could not tell the Behemoth’s tale
Nor count Leviathan’s gross chain of mail.
And yet by Your command our science seeks
To penetrate the secrets of Your weeks,
And name each creature whereby You are praised
Among the righteous multitudes amazed.
I too come, my Beloved, where there’s no room
For science to sound out the rising doom,
In reverence and adolescent verve
See straightness lying on creation’s curve.
Forgive the roving of the human eye
That sounds the depths of both the earth and sky.

11 The other angel come with me
To show me what lay hiddenly,
Told me what is first and what last
In the heavens high and upcast,
And in the depth beneath the earth,
And at the ends of heaven’s worth,
And on the sky’s foundation stone.
12 And the chambers of the winds hone,
And how the winds divide and groan,
And how they’re weighed, with reckoning grown
In portals, each according to
The strength of the wind as it grew,
And magnitude of the moon’s lights
According to its fitting rights,
And the divisions of the stars
According to their names and cars,
How all divisions have their bars.
13 And the thunders according to
The places where they fall to do,
And all the parts that set among
The lightnings with their lights outstrung,
And their host straightway to obey.
14 For the thunder has place to stay
Assigned while waiting for its peal,
And the thunder and lightning heel
Together, and although not one
And undivided, they both run
Together in one mind and heart
Set aside truly as one part.

No angel speaks to me by day or night
Revealing secrets hidden from my sight,
Perhaps because the secret of my faith
Lies open and revealed to every wraith
In the angelic messages that creep
Out where Enoch and Noah come to sleep.
Beloved, I see the moon climb in the sky,
I see the stars go trembling, passing by,
And find the portals opened where I seek
The suns arising to perform the week
Until the Sabbath day returns to me
To bless my soul with glories wonderfully.
Beloved, the lightning sets me at my toll
To hear the thunder after come to roll.

15 For when the lightning lightens, and
The thunder utters voice on land,
The wind makes pause during the peal,
Dividing equally their steel,
For like the sand’s the treasury
Of their peals, each one will agree
To be held in bridle from spree,
And turned back by the power of wind,
And pushed forward in pealing dinned
In many quarters of the earth.
16 The spirit of the sea is worth
And masculine and strong in girth,
According to his mighty strength
He draws it back with rein at length,
And in like manner’s driven forward
Dispersing in the mountains shoreward
Of earth. 17 And the spirit of frost
Is his own angel to man’s cost,
And the spirit of hail’s a good
Angel and doing as he should.

The spirit of the sea I once invoked,
Beloved, because I was a child provoked.
I saw the emerald of coming waves
That fondled the shoreline and the prone slaves
Of oysters in their shells and biding time.
Beloved, the spirit of the sea and rime
Rose before my young eyes to show me where
The wind came from and how it found my share.
Beloved, Beloved, my memory still waits
Upon those visions of the ocean’s gates,
And finds a lifting of the heart that I
Was taken as a child to hear the sigh
Of the sea spirit where the alligator
Lay by the roadside sleeping until later.

18 And the spirit of snow’s forsaken
His chambers by his strength untaken,
There is a special spirit therein,
And that which goes up from its bin
Is like smoke from its frosty shin.
19 The spirit of the mist is not
United with them in their lot,
But has a special chamber, for
Its course is glorious both before
The light and in darkness, and in
Winter and in summer, and in
Its chamber is an angel’s win.
20 As for the spirit of the dew
It has its dwelling where it drew
At the ends of the heaven, and
Is hard beside the room and hand
Of the rain, and its course is in
Winter and summer, and its pin
Of clouds and the clouds of the mist
Are joined, and the one gives the list
To the other. 21 And when the rain
Spirit goes out from its domain,
The angels come and open room
And lead it out, it shall presume
To diffuse over all the earth
Uniting with its waters’ girth.
And when it joins water on earth,
22 For the waters are for those who
Live on the earth, for they are true
And nourishment for the earth from
The Most High who from heaven is come,
Therefore there’s measure for the rain,
And angels take it in their rein.
22 And these things I saw towards the field
Of Righteousness, a garden’s yield.
And the angel of peace with me
Said to me “These two monsters be
Prepared conformably to see
The greatness of Ælohim, and
Shall feed beneath His mercy’s hand . . .”

The secrets of the snow and mist and field
Are revelations of Your voice unpeeled
By angels sent to humankind to say
The rising hymns of Your creation’s day.
The secret of the reining in of thunder
And lightning’s racing before it in wonder
Are things vouchsafed to men like me to know.
But with that liberty of science show
There is as well the secret beyond knowing
That hides well past where human eyes are going.
I live, Beloved, between the ecstasy
Of Your noble creation’s discovery
And the cloud of unknowing and unknown
That ever hides beneath Your sovereign throne.


1 And I saw in those days how long
Cords were given those angels strong,
And they took to themselves their wings
And flew towards the northern stings.
2 I asked the angel, said to him,
“Why have those angels in their vim
Taken these cords and gone away?”
And he said truly to me, “They
Have gone to measure.” 3 And the one
Angel with me said to me “Son,
These shall bring back the righteous’ measure
And the ropes of the righteous treasure
To the righteous, that they may stay
Themselves when they bow down to pray
On Lord’s of Spirits name for ever.
The elect shall begin endeavour
To live with the elect, and those
Are the measures which shall enclose
Faith and shall strengthen righteousness.
4 “And these measures shall show address
Of all the secrets of earth’s deep,
And those destroyed by desert sleep,
And those who’ve been devoured by beast,
And those who’ve been consumed unceased
By the fish of the sea, so they
May return and stay on the day
Of the Elect one, for none shall
Be destroyed before Spirits’ Lord,
And none can be destroyed by sword.
5 “And all who live above cabal
In heaven received command and power
And one voice and one light like fire.”
6 And that One they blessed by their word
Extolled and lauded undeterred
With wisdom, and in speaking wise
And in the spirit of life’s guise.

Beloved, You have the measure in Your hand
Of every soul who sleeps upon the land
Or in the sea, the breath of the clove flower
That blesses the hot garden for an hour,
The soul of dandelion, the hew of birch
That blooms a day in spring, the row and search
Of wild bird cherry that makes drunk the air
Before midsummer comes to touch the fair.
All these souls are not lost, not even mite
That for a moment lives to find its plight.
I rest, Beloved, my sleeping soul with You
Who find room in Your heart for breath of dew.
Nothing disappears from Your hand and view.
I turn my darkened eyes towards Your light.

7 And then the Lord of Spirits placed
The Elect one on the throne graced
With glory. 8 And he shall judge all
The works of the holy in hall
Above in heaven, and in the great
Balance shall their deeds be weighed freight.
9 And when he shall lift up his face
To judge their secret ways and place
According to word of the name
Of the Lord of Spirits in fame,
And their path according to way
Of righteous judgement in the sway
Of the Lord of Spirits, then they
Shall all with one voice speak and pray
To bless, and glorify, extol
And sanctify the name and role
Of the Lord of Spirits. 10 And He
Will summon all heaven’s host to be,
And all the holy ones above,
And the host of Ælohim’s love,
The Cherubic, Seraphim and
Ophannim, and all angels’ hand,
And all the principalities’
Angels handing down their decrees,
And the Elect one, and the powers
On the earth over water showers
On that day shall raise one voice, and
Bless, glorify, exalting stand
In spirit of the faith, and in
Wisdom’s spirit, and also in
The spirit of patience, and in
The spirit of mercy, and in
The spirit of judgement and peace,
And in the spirit of increase
Of goodness, and in unison
Shall all say “Blessèd is the one,
And may the Lord’s of Spirits name
Be blessed for ever, aye the same.”

It was not modesty that made the Christ
Jesus call himself, not Son of God spliced
With natures two, divine in charity
And human from his mother’s sophistry,
But Son of Man, the Elect by Your throne,
The ruler and the judge of both unknown
And known upon the earth and in the sky.
It was not modesty, not by an eye.
Beloved, I’ve got enough to do to keep
My footprints in Your great commandments’ deep
Without taking sides in the grand display
Of sectarian dance of roundelay.
But since he loves Your law, I’ll love him too
And follow him as far as it is true.

11 All those who do not sleep aboon
In heaven shall bless Him night and noon,
All holy ones in heaven shall bless
Him, and all the elect confess
Who live in the garden of life,
And every spirit of light rife
Who’s able to bless, glorify,
And extol, hallow, sanctify
Your blessèd name, and all flesh shall
Exceedingly and musical
Bless and for ever glorify
Your name for ever and for aye.
For great is Lord’s of Spirits grace,
He is long-suffering in this place,
And all His works and all that He
Created He’s revealed to be
To the righteous and the elect
In Lord’s of Spirits name select.

Some say that You, Beloved, will come a day
To measure in the balances that sway
From right to left what good things I have done
And what evil escapes me in the sun.
With trepidation I look on the scene
Knowing that time is an elusive dream
And nothing separates me from the grey.
Leave off Your balances of good and bad,
Beloved, and turn around to make me glad.
Instead of balance take angelic cords
To draw the ploughshares and relinquish swords.
The cords, Beloved, take them to bind my heart
To Yours, Beloved, to Yours in love and art,
The cosmic web from finish to the start.


1 And thus YHWH commanded the kings
And the mighty, exalted rings,
And those who live on earth, and said
“Open your eyes and lift as led
Your horns if you can recognize
The Elect One come in this guise.”
2 And Lord of Spirits seated him
On the throne of His glory’s rim,
And the spirit of righteousness
Was poured out upon him to bless,
And the word of his mouth to slay
All sinners, and unrighteous way
Destroy from there before His face.
3 And there shall stand up in that place
All the kings and the mighty race,
And the exalted and who hold
The earth, and they shall see how bold
He sits on the throne of his glory,
And righteousness is judged before You,
No lying word’s spoken by him.

You set appointed one beside Your throne
To dispense both the grace by which You’re known
And the strange act of violence by which
You throw the wicked rebel in the ditch.
I stand before Your throne, Beloved, and know
That You have set authorities to show
What You demand of every soul in love.
Grant me that constant vision of above
Where stand occulted Enoch and the later
Appointed leaders and guides for the greater
Glory of Your name and Your sovereignty.
From my heart’s pope and priest set my soul free,
And from the kingship and lordship I might
Raise up by my own greed and hopeful spite.

4 Then pain shall come on them with vim
As on a woman in travail,
And she has pain in setting sail
When her child enters mouth of womb,
And she has pain in making room.

How is it Enoch and Noah know so
Much about childbirth, that the pain is slow
To grow within until the head will show
At the mouth of the womb and where the stretch
Becomes the hardest place in painful fetch?
How can such men of their importance care
About the phases of the child’s repair
Towards the light and day, against the night?
How can such minds in philosophic flight
Come back down to the earth with fine insight?
Beloved, Your wonder is that You reveal
A sense of human pain at all who steal
A march on human space and human time
Rising above the reach of form and rhyme.

5 And one portion of them shall look
On the other in terror’s hook,
And they shall be downcast in face,
And pain shall seize them, when they race
To see that Son of Man upon
His throne of glory, paragon.

The blessèd St. John when he took a look
At the grand vision and the storybook
Of those who should see Son of Man upon
The throne of glory, the one before dawn
Of night that they had pierced would then be seized
With pain throughout body and soul uneased.
Though Enoch saw the thing as well in note,
And St. John in the book he also wrote,
The thing awaits fulfilment, those who smote
The lancèd side have long gone on in peace
To fertilize the soil and bring increase.
Beloved, I wait the day when all who strike
The innocent and hand on fence like shrike
Shall see their work in pain without release.

6 And the kings and the mighty and
All those who possess the earth’s land
Shall bless and glorify, extol
Him who has all things in control,
Who was hidden. 7 For from the start
The Son of Man had hidden part,
And the Most High preserved him in
The presence of His might and din,
And revealed him to the elect.
8 The congregation of elect
And holy shall be sown, and all
Elect shall stand before him tall
On that day. 9 And then all the kings
And mighty and exalted things
And those who rule the earth shall fall
Down before him upon their faces,
And prostrate and set hopes and graces
Upon that Son of Man, and beg
And supplicate for mercy’s peg
At his hands. 10 But that Lord of Spirits
Will so press them that they to clear its
Fear shall go hastily out from
His presence, and their faces bum
Shall be filled with shame, and the dark
Grow deeper on their faces’ mark.

Indeed the son of Man has hidden part
With the four who were taken from the start
Without seeing corruption in the grave,
Enoch, Elijah, Jesus and the brave.
That hidden part is known to the elect
Who with their incantation words select
Upon the tongue that reel and in praise find
The secrets of the heart and soul and mind.
The prophecy is true that rulers come
To praise him in their rhetoric and sum,
But I wait still to hear an earnest voice
Praise him and You when there is always choice
To take an oil refinery and the reins
Of the poor to relieve high living’s pains.

11 And He’ll deliver them up to
The angels for punishment due,
To execute vengeance on them
Because they have oppressed the hem
Of His children and His elect
And they shall be a sight select
For the righteous and His elect,
12 They shall rejoice over them, for
The Lord of Spirits’ wrath in store
Rests on them, and His sword is drunk
With their blood. 13 And the righteous hunk
And elect shall be saved that day,
And they shall never from that fray
See sinners’ and unrighteous face.
14 And Lord of Spirits will abide
Over them, and there by the side
Of Son of Man they’ll eat and lie
Down and rise up for ever aye.
15 And the righteous and the elect
Shall have risen from earth direct,
And ceased to be of downcast face.
16 And they shall have been clothed apace
With garments of glory, and these
Shall be the garments of life’s ease
From the Lord of Spirits, and your
Garments shall never grow old more,
Nor your glory pass out before
The Lord of Spirits on that shore.

My garments never grow old even now,
Because they’re old when I get them somehow.
I hardly wear a thing that’s new and fresh
Since I care little what comes to touch flesh.
I bide the hidden one and quietly
Bear what evil the rulers make to be,
Knowing their turn to prostrate comes anon
When I shall wake to see the rosy dawn.
Who beg for mercy now will live to see
Their rulers begging outright with a plea,
Or else die in their shapeless poverty
To wake up on the clamour of the day.
Beloved, I bide the hidden ones and stay
Within the kingdom, craven iron and clay.


1 In those days shall the mighty and
The kings who possess the earth’s land
Implore to grant them some respite
From His angels of judgement plight
To whom they were delivered, that
They might fall down and worship at
The Lord of Spirits, 2 and confess
Their sins before Him, for redress.
And they shall bless and glorify
The Lord of Spirits, and reply,
3 “Blessed is the Lord of Spirits and
The Lord of kings of every land,
And Lord of mighty and the Lord
Of the rich, and the Lord adored
And the Lord of wisdom, resplendent
In every secret thing transcendent
Your power from generation to
All generations not a few,
Your glory for ever and aye,
For deep are Your secrets and sly
And numberless up to the sky,
Your righteousness beyond all count.
4 We have now learned it’s paramount
To glorify and bless the Lord
Of kings and Him who rules all things.”

Let my each breath give glory to Your name,
And let the burning of my fleshly frame
That takes that breath and makes without a shame
The nourishment my body needs to live,
Establish in the circle where I give
My small production of oxide to sieve
The life of tree and flower and humble grass,
Tenacious of the wind and sun to pass
Still living through the frozen winter storm,
A witness to Your secret, numberless
Blessings and powers that the righteous confess.
Let my life and movement and breath inform
The desert air where I dance and keep fire
That You alone are Sovereign of the quire.

5 And they shall say “If only we
Had rest to glorify and be
Grateful and confess our faith by
His glory! 6 And now we long sigh
For some rest but we find it not,
We follow hard upon the plot
And achieve naught; and light has vanished
From before us, darkness unbanished
Is our house for ever and aye.
7 “For we have not believed before Him
Nor glorified the name that bore Him
Of Lord of Spirits, glorified
Not our Lord, but our hope was in
The sceptre of our kingdom’s win,
And in the glory of our own.
8 “And in the day of our suffering
And trouble He does not take wing
To save us, we find no respite
For confession that our Lord’s right
In all His works, and in His acts
Of judgement and His justice’ facts,
And His verdicts have no respect
Of persons. 9 “And we as reject
Pass on from before His face on
Account of our works, and our drawn
Sins reckoned all in righteousness.”
10 Now they shall to themselves confess,
“Our souls are full of wicked gain,
But that does not prevent our pain
Descending from here on the wane
Into the burden of Sheol.”
11 And after that their faces’ toll
Shall be filled with darkness and shame
Before that Son of Man and name,
And they shall be driven from out
His presence with a sword and shout
Before his face among their rout.
12 So spoke the Lord of Spirits, “This
Is ordinance, judgement’s abyss
Regarding the mighty and kings
And the exalted wanderlings
And those who possess earth before
The Lord of Spirits in His store.”

Who beg for rest or use as an excuse
They have no rest are just being obtuse.
You gave, Beloved, rest to women and men,
To sons and daughters, to servants again,
And even to the beasts that plough the fields.
You gave to all rest and all that rest yields.
So there is no excuse on Judgement Day
For those who failed to keep to Sabbath’s way.
If we had rest to glorify, they say!
The sema is a glory where to stay.
Bend down in close prostration on the eve
Of Sabbath is a thing that gives reprieve.
But let me not complain You give no rest,
Your Sabbath’s for both wicked and the best.


1 And other forms I saw secreted
In that place. I heard undefeated
The voice of the angel who said
2 “These are the angels who were led
Down to the earth, and revealed what
From the children of men was shut
Seducing the children of men
Into committing sin again.”

The secrets of genetics are not lost
On humankind, both to blessing and cost.
It’s not science itself I ween that’s false
But human hearts that would engage in waltz
About abilities to create pain.
Knowledge is a danger to the insane
Who do not know to use with wisdom what
The tree of knowledge places on the putt.
Angels themselves may make a gesture bright
That turns away from good and true and right.
Beloved, give me not only knowledge but
The wisdom to keep love and truth in sight.
My stopping to speak to a violet’s not
What distracts but not seeing flower pot.


1 And in those days Noah saw earth
That it had sunk down in its worth
And its destruction was come near.
2 And so he rose up from his gear
And went out to the ends of earth,
And cried aloud to Enoch his
Grandfather, and Noah a whiz
Said three times with a bitter voice,
“Hear me, hear me, hear me by choice.”

Noah spoke to the hidden Enoch when
He saw the earth filled with violent men.
He saw destruction near and judgement sent
Upon both angelic and human vent,
And going to the ends of earth he cried
Three times in bitter cadence on the ride.
I too see earth filled with the violent,
I see destruction on horizon meant
To cleanse the earth with fire of love and toil
Of judgement wrecked upon the cursèd soil.
And I too at the end of earth where ice
Envelopes granite and the crumbling gneiss
Call three times to the hidden one to hear
My bitter voice and to my call give ear.

3 And I said to him, ‘Tell me what
It is that’s falling out on earth
That the earth’s in such evil shut
And shaken, lest perhaps my birth
Shall perish with it?’ 4 Then there was
A great commotion on earth’s draws,
And a voice was heard out of heaven,
And I fell down on my face driven.
5 And Enoch my grandfather came
And stood beside me as in blame,
And said to me “Why have You cried
To me so bitterly and sighed
With weeping? 6 “And command has gone
Out from the presence of YHWH drawn
Concerning those who live on earth
That their destruction’s come to berth
Because they’ve learned the secrets of
The angels sent from heaven above,
And the accusers’ violence,
And all their powers devoid of sense,
The ones most secret, all the power
Of those who practice magic’s hour,
And witchcraft, and the power of those
Who make molten idols impose
On the whole earth; and how to take
The silver from earth’s dust, to make
The soft metal out of the earth.
7 “For lead and tin are not produced
From the earth like the first reduced,
It is a fountain that brings them,
And an angel stands at the hem,
And that angel’s pre-eminent.”

I seek the fountain that’s so near to me
I cannot turn and whirl but touch its fee.
I seek and drink that fountain thirstily
And thirst but more to turn again and be
Ravished by that sweet drought. I think the store
Of what Messiah said once on the floor
That there’s a well that if one drinks no more
Shall he thirst, is a fairy-tale made for
A woman lost in lust instead of faith.
When I drink of Your word, Your breath, Your name,
I only thirst the more to play Your game.
What was at first a shadow and a wraith
Appearing through the veils of cloud and mist
Is now an overwhelming to insist.

The rumours are the soft metal in state
Is magic in the way it makes the rate
Of energy and motion escalate.
The rumours are the soft metal is called
By name of mercury by those installed
In alchemy and divinations thralled.
The rumours are both rampant and too late
To heal the history of rife and mate.
Beloved, I taste the magic metal won
Upon the Zionitic hill in ton
And revel in the forty days to fill
Permission to climb up the sacred hill
In weddings chemical and magic still
To find the transformation long since done.

8 And after that grandfather sent,
And Enoch took me by the hand
And raised me up and made me stand,
And said to me, “Go, for I’ve asked
The Lord of Spirits of this masked
Commotion on the earth.” 9 And He
Told me, “Because of their degree
Of wickedness their judgement’s been
Determined and shall not begin
To be withheld by Me for ever.
10 “Because of the sorceries clever
Which they’ve searched out and learned, the earth
And those who live upon its dearth
Shall be destroyed.” 11 And these, they’ve no
Place of repentance on the go,
Because they have shown them what was
Hidden, and they’re damned for that cause;
But as for you, my son, the Lord
Of Spirits knows that you’ve implored
Him to be pure, and guiltless of
Reproach for the secrets above.
12 And He’s destined your name to be
Among the holy and the free,
And will preserve you among those
Who live on the earth to its close,
And has destined your righteous seed
Both for kingship and for indeed
Great honours, from him shall proceed
A fountain of the righteous and
Holy without numbers’ command.

The secrets that the watchers told to men
Come back to haunt the human heart and den.
The greatest idols that were ever made
Of metal rose to military grade.
Who bow to gold must some day come to bow
To steel and hardened warheads on the prow.
It may take centuries of worshipping
The Roman armies’ rise to take a fling,
But sure as division of day into
The gods of all the earth and in man’s view
Takes place, so steel will rise to even score.
Ah, my Beloved, keep watcher from the door!
I stake my love and worship on the ground
Beneath a templed dome where I am found.


1 And after that he showed to me
The angels of punishment free
Who are prepared to come and let
Loose all the powers the waters get
Which are beneath the earth to bring
Judgement and a great destroying
On all who dwell upon the earth.
2 The Lord of Spirits gave command
To the angels going to land,
That they not cause waters to rise
But should hold them in check thus wise,
For those angels were over powers
Of the waters. 3 I left the bowers
From the presence of Enoch’s flowers.

The waters of the flood were held in check
By watchers commanded to keep their neck
Upon the floodgates till the time to square
The judgement on the earth, and time to spare
The righteous out of hand. The angels stand
Awaiting the decree of Your command.
I touch, Beloved, the faithful loyalty
Of those angels sent out to make men free
Of life and lust on the day of decree.
What seed is it in human heart and heart
Of watcher angel, that some will depart
From Your command, while others take their place,
Stand true and stalwart, and enter the race
When You say go, is it mercy or grace?


1 In those days word of Ælohim
Came to me, and He said in dream
“Noah, your lot’s come up before
Me, a lot without blame, what’s more,
A lot of love and uprightness.
2 “And now the angels to address
Are making a wooden command,
And when they’ve completed that band
I’ll place My hand on it to keep,
And there shall come out from the deep
The seed of life, and change shall set
On so that the earth will not get
Deserted of inhabitants.
4 “And I will make fast and firm plants,
Your seed by me eternally,
To stand upon the earth and free,
And I will spread abroad those who
Live with you, it shall not be few
And unfruitful on the earth’s face,
But it shall be blessed, full of grace
Upon the earth in name of YHWH.”
5 And He will imprison as due
Those angels, who’ve done wickedness,
In that burning valley’s address
Which my grandfather Enoch saw
Before me in the west in awe
Among the mountains made of gold
And silver and iron, lead untold
And tin. And I saw that vale in
Which there was powerful chagrin
And convulsion of waters’ bin.

The waters boiled upon the earth with strife
So great that Satan himself feared of life
And ran upon the mountains made of gold
And iron and tin, though he had been so bold
To splice men’s genes with animals and sold
The right to rule in peace instead of knife.
But You, Beloved, saved in that turgid game
Noah and his to rise up without blame
And save a seed of humankind on earth.
I am not sure that was an act of worth.
The tribe has scattered far to do its ill,
And is about once more to take the till
And create forms of life that rise to kill.
Are You not sorry now You gave them berth?

6 And when all this took place, from that
Molten and fiery metal sat
And from the convulsion of it
In that place, there was requisite
A smell of sulphur, and it was
Joined with those waters, and in pause
That valley of the angels who
Had led mankind astray in crew
Burned beneath that land. 7 And then through
Its valleys proceed streams of fire,
Where these angels are punished dire
Who’d led astray who live on earth.
8 But those waters shall without dearth
In those days serve for kings and mighty
And the exalted, and the flighty
Who live on earth, and for the healing
Of the body, but for the sealing
Of punishment of spirit, now
Their spirit’s full of lustly vow,
So that they may in body be
Punished, for they’ve ungratefully
Denied the Lord of Spirits and
See their punishment on the land
Daily, and yet do not believe
In His name. 9 And at the same rate
As their bodies without reprieve
Burn with severity, the state
Of their spirit will also change
For ever and for ever range,
For before Lord of Spirits none
Shall utter idle word in fun.
10 For judgement shall come down on them,
Because they trust in stratagem
Of their body’s lust and deny
The Spirit of YHWH in their lie.

The sulphur waters that rise up from hell
Where wicked angels are tortured a spell
Are for the healing of the race on earth,
The seed of man and woman saved for worth.
My grandmother once worked in a hotel
Which kept folk by the waters of such smell,
And made their beds and folded up their sheets.
It was a step up from the world that meets
The young girl’s hand who before that earned bread
By washing the cold bodies of the dead.
I join my voice with the praise of all men
Who sing Your lauds because the springs again
Boil up with sulphur from hell to release
The healing waters upon men for peace.

11 And those same waters undergo
A change in those days as they show,
For when those angels are chastised
In these waters, they are revised
In temperature of water springs,
And when the angels raise their wings,
Water becomes cold in the springs.
12 And I heard Michael answer saying
‘This judgement by which angels staying
Are judged is a witness for kings
And mighty ones possessing earth.”
13 Because these waters of judgement
Serve to the healing of the rent
Body of the kings and the lust
Of their body, therefore they must
Not see and will not believe that
Those waters will change in the vat
And change into a burning fire
For ever on their hot desire.

It’s hardly likely that rulers and kings
Find this witness the judging angel brings
Convincing as long as they sit in state
And hold in hand sceptres of others’ fate.
Perhaps upon a day when they shall see
The punishment in its catastrophe,
It will be witness, but then is too late.
The problem is that those who rule do not
Have eyes that see the angels on the spot.
Had they such eyes, they would not take the throne
Where You, Beloved, are sovereign alone.
Judgements on angels, from where humans stand
Are rumours and the tinkling of the sand
Within crystal hourglass set on moonstone.


Copyright © 2007 Adams & McElwain Publishers and Thomas McElwain First Published in two volumes, The Beloved and I 2005, and Led of the Beloved, 2006. Second Edition, 2010 Third and revised edition, 2012 All rights reserved. No part of this verse commentary on the sacred Scriptures may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from publisher.

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