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Post  Jude on Fri 03 May 2013, 20:37


1 And in those days the prayer ascends
From the righteous with dividends,
And the blood of the righteous from
The earth before the Lord to come
Of Spirits. 2 In those days the saints
Who live above without complaints
In the skies shall in unison
Supplicate and pray with praise won,
And give thanks and bless the name of
The Lord of Spirits, YHWH of love,
On behalf of the righteous blood
Which has been shed, poured like a flood,
And that the righteous prayer may not
Be in vain nor ever forgot
Before the Lord of Spirits, YAH,
That judgement may be done by law
Unto them, and that they may not
Always have to suffer their lot.

No text of inspiration is so oft
Quoted by other Scripture poets soft
As Enoch, the great prophet set aside
Because his words were too hard to abide.
St. John remembers the saints supplicating
Within the heavenly gates Your grace awaiting,
And James writes that the righteous, humble prayer
May not be in vain now or anywhere.
All those who truly search Your secret power
Come before Enoch soon or late an hour.
Beloved, I hear the cadence of the mill
Of revelation resounding on hill
And margin of the rocky lake to fill
My heart and soul with both the sweet and sour.

3 I saw then the Ancient of Days
When He seated himself for praise
Upon the throne of His glory,
And the books of the living be
Opened before His eye to see;
And all His host which is in heaven
Above and His counsellors seven
Stood before Him, 4 and the hearts of
The saints were filled with joy and love,
Because the number of the true
Had been offered, and the prayer due
Of the righteous had been heard, and
The blood of the righteous at hand
Had been required before the Lord
Of Spirits at the mouth of sword.

So Daniel also saw the books once set
Opened for judgement of the dry and wet.
I come to Your remembrance, see the books
Fall open before Your aspiring looks,
And see my deeds of the week stand out bare
To beg Your grace and mercy everywhere.
Ah, my Beloved, how often comes that day
Of judgement upon all flesh in the way,
How seldom does the spirit stop to know
That You see all beyond the come and go!
The rainy Friday eve wraps all about
In chilled darkness within its cloud and pout.
While judgement quietly like the small rain
Falls on the slumbered canopies in vain.


1 And in that place I saw the spring
Of righteousness which unfailing
Abounds with wisdom’s fountains round,
And all the thirsty drank profound,
And they were filled with wisdom’s sound,
And their dwellings were with the true
And holy and elected crew.

The alabaster cup filled with the dew
In water of life by the radiant tree
Of life brings life each day and night to me.
The alabaster cup quaffed but by few
Is comfort on my march around the town
And through the desert, I know no thirst brown
Where wisdom’s fountain pours down on my crown
In Enoch’s words of warning of the bright
Righteousness. I take that cup without fright
And sip and sip again before I might
Drink deeply of its nectar while the green
And alabaster vessel I have seen
Is never empty but in Ali’s hand
Gives praise to Son of Man and his command.

2 And at that hour that Son of Man
Was named in the presence by plan
Of the Lord of Spirits and YHWH,
And his name by Ancient of Days.
3 Indeed, before the sun had ways
And the signs were created too,
Before the stars of heaven were made,
His name was named before where stayed
The Lord of Spirits. 4 He shall be
A staff to the righteous and free
Upon which to stay themselves and
Not fall, and he shall be at hand
The light of the Gentiles, and hope
Of those troubled at heart by pope.

The Son of Man You name before the sun
And stars receive their rewards once begun,
You call him by name when Your Word went out
To sing the universe into a shout.
And yet though hidden in the cloud and night
Throughout all ages He has shown Your might
To righteous eyes able to bear the sight,
A staff upon which Abraham the just
Leant as he viewed the coming ruined dust
Of Sodom and Gomorrah, and a light
To foreign Hittite eyes that travel to
The ends of the earth in longing for You.
Beloved, the Son of Man in secret kept
Whirls on my dergah floor as newly swept.

5 All who live on earth shall fall down
And prostrate before his renown,
And praise and bless and celebrate
With song the Lord’s of Spirits state.
6 And for this reason he’s been chosen
And hidden before Him unfrozen,
Before creation of the world
And evermore from time uncurled.

Before foundation of the earth the new
And latter-day writer takes up the view.
Before foundation of the earth You set
The hidden name upon the Son’s brow met.
Before foundation of the earth and all
The calling of the spirits to their stall,
Beloved, Your word has been the glowing coal
That warmed things in to their existence’ role.
Beloved, I prostrate at Your wisdom’s feet,
And praise the glory that I always meet
In turning on my floor to find the dawn
Kissing the sunset in the life that’s drawn
Between the doors of day and night to find
More treasures than all human hands have mined.

7 The wisdom of the Lord of Spirits
Has revealed him to saints to clear its
Righteousness, for he has preserved
The fate of the true and deserved,
Because they hated and despised
This world of wicked canonized,
And hated all its works and ways
In name of Lord’s of Spirits praise;
For in his name they all are saved,
According to his pleasure craved
It’s been in regard to their life.
8 In these days kings of earth and strife
Shall be cast down in countenance,
And the strong in the land who dance
Because of the works of their hands,
For when their anguish and woe stands
They shall not be able to save
Themselves from coming death and grave.
And I will give them over to
The hands of My elect and few,
As straw in the fire so’ll they burn
Before the face of saints and stern.
As lead in the water they’ll sink
Before the face of righteous link,
No trace of them more shall be found.
10 And on the day in which they’re ground
There shall be rest upon the earth,
And before them they’ll fall unworth
And rise no more. And there shall be
No one to take their company
And raise them up, for they’ve denied
The Lord of Spirits and His pride,
Messiah. The name of the Lord
Of Spirits be blessed and adored.

Give me, Beloved, to drink the water clear
That gushes from the righteous spring and dear
Where was once named the Son of Man and all
The prophets and divine guides in the hall
To come upon the earth, both straight and small.
I sip and once again lift up my voice
To make between illusions the right choice.
Beloved, You know the company raised up
To drink the droughts from alabaster cup,
The green chalice that whispers on the fresh
New air above the dandelions what flesh
Can never know alone, but must be taught
By the spirit that every man has sought.
In chorus, though alone, I sing the plot.


l For wisdom is poured out like water,
And glory does not fail as daughter
Before him and for evermore.
2 For he is mighty in the store
Of all secrets of righteousness,
And wickedness without address
Shall disappear like shadow dance,
And shall have no continuance,
Because the Elect One stands there
Before the Lord of Spirits fair,
And his glory’s for ever, and
His powers all generations stand.
3 In him the spirit of wisdom dwells,
And the spirit by insight swells,
Understanding spirit and might,
And the spirit of those by right
Who fell asleep in righteousness.
4 And he shall judge secret address,
And none shall be able to speak
A lying word before his cheek,
For he is the Elect one by
The Lord of Spirits in the sky
According to His pleasure’s spy.

Wisdom is poured out like the water flowing
From the Elect one’s alabaster showing
Of paradisiacal vessels filled
With nectars sweet from the waters unstilled.
Some wait the coming, promised fair reward
When justice will fall from its shining sword,
But I am satisfied to drink the lot
Of pearled and diamond waters I have got
Beneath the lilac bushes and the rose.
The pains of past and joys of future glows
Condense, collapse upon my wind-swept heath.
My laurels are no more than heather wreath
Set with the peridot and ruby blooms
That last an hour or space of breath for dooms.


1 And in those days a change shall take
Place for the saints’ and elect’s sake,
And the light of days shall abide
On them, and glory sanctified
And honour turn to the saints’ way,
2 On the day of affliction when
Evil shall have been given sway
Treasured up against sinning men.
And the true shall have victory
In the name and eternally
Of the Lord of Spirits, and He
Will cause the others to observe
That they repent and that they swerve
From the works of their evil hands.
3 They shall have no honour that stands
Through the name of the Lord of Spirits,
Yet through the name that He inherits
They’ll be saved, Lord of Spirits will
Have compassion upon them still,
For His compassion’s great. 4 And He
Is righteous in the clemency
Of His judgement, and in the sight
Of His glory unrighteous might
Also shall not maintain itself,
At His word unrepentant elf
Shall perish once before His right.
5 And from henceforth I will have no
Mercy on them, and none to show,
Says Lord of Spirits to their woe.

Compassion, my Beloved, that mercy great
That Enoch swears is above love and hate,
Lays perishing upon the grieving soul
That refuses repentance at the toll
Of trumpet from Sinai’s resplendent words.
Your mercy is a two-edged sword on sherds.
The victory is not in shout and clash
Nor in the striving of the proud and brash,
But in the quiet cantillation of
Your name, Beloved, a better name of love.
Compassion is divine that saves the weak
From the benign teeth of the ruling sheik.
Your sword, Beloved, divides the marrowed bone
And shows the hidden springs where You’re alone.


1 In those days shall the earth also
Give back that which might in it go,
And Sheol also shall give back that
Which it has received where it’s at,
And hell shall render back its due.
5a For in those days looked for by few
The Elect One shall then appear,
2 And he shall choose the righteous near
And holy from among their cheer,
For the day has drawn nigh that they
Should be saved from the wayward way.
3 The Elect One shall in those days
Sit on My throne, and to My praise
His mouth shall pour forth hidden things,
Secrets of wisdom’s counsellings,
For the Lord of Spirits has given
Them to him and has gloried of him.
4 And in those days shall mountains leap
Like rams, and the hills also keep
Skipping like lambs content with milk,
And the faces of angels’ silk
In heaven shall be lighted with joy.
5 And the earth shall rejoice ahoy,
And the righteous shall live on it,
And the elect walk thereon fit.

David the king and psalmist in his day
Quoted Enoch’s fair words and looks and way,
The one looking forward to Sinai’s sway
As well as Day of Judgement promised fair,
The other looking back on Sinai there
And forward to the shaking of the air.
Though hills shall skip and Appalachia laid
Flat for the coming of world’s end parade,
I seek the resurrection of the greyed
As well as those cut down in prime to sleep,
And even righteous children in the keep.
As I await, Beloved, the promised sweet,
Raise up in me the dead and buried treat,
And like a child the two of us shall meet.


l And after those days in that place
Where I had seen the visions’ grace
Of things hidden, 2 for I had been
Carried off in a whirlwind’s scene
And they had borne me towards the west,
There my eyes saw the secrets best
Of heaven that shall be, iron mount,
A copper mountain, and a mount
Of silver, and a mount of gold,
And a mount of soft metal told,
And a mountain of lead, behold.
3 And I asked the angel who went
With me, saying “What things are sent
Before my sight in secret vent?”
4 And he said unto me, “All these
Things you have seen shall serve to please
Dominion of Anointed one
That he might be potent when done
And mighty on the earth he’s won.”

I’ve seen mountains aplenty made of stone
And one it seems of glass before Your throne,
And one of iron as red and rusted bright
As blood, sunset or autumn in Your sight,
But I have not like Enoch seen the flight
Of metal mountains mounting in the light.
Beloved, the vision is a strange one and
A curious thing spread out on the land
That baffles me and silences my song.
In silence I look out upon the long
And shining view that Enoch’s words invoke.
I look out on the world that You once spoke
Into being and find it wonder filled.
Beloved, I stand upon an earth untilled.

5 And that angel of peace replied,
Saying to me, “Wait and abide,
And there shall be revealed to you
All the secret things which in view
Surround the Lord of Spirits due.
6 “And these mountains which your eyes see,
The iron mountain, and the wee
Mountain of copper, and the mount
Of silver, and the golden fount,
The mountain of soft metal, and
The mountain of lead at a stand,
All these shall be in sight and tracks
Of the Elect one as mere wax,
Before the fire, and like the flow
Of water from above the row,
And they’ll be powerless to go
Before his feet. 7 “And it shall come
To pass in those days that the sum
Of the saved shall be nil by gold
Or by silver, and none be told
And able to escape the fold.
8 “And there shall be no iron for war,
Nor shall one clothe oneself with store
Of a breastplate. And bronze shall be
Of no use, nor tin usefully
Regarded, and lead not desired.
9 “And all these things shall be expired
From off the face of all the earth,
When the Elect One shall find birth
Before the face of Lord of Spirits,
Clothed in all of his gracious merits.”

The mountains of cold metal harshly ring
To crown the peers of earth both priest and king,
And give them both the weapons they desire
To stamp the poor and humble in the mire.
The rumour that some faint usurper might
Have stores of precious arms hidden from sight
Suffices to create a mother war
And lead the innocent into the gore.
Who stands upon the mountain in the blast
Shall see the coming of the chosen last,
Rejoice to see the steel badge and the cast
Plutonium melt on the painful edge.
The gathered to survive stand on the ledge
Of nothingness to cantillate Your name
Beyond the land the priests and kings acclaim.


1 There my eyes saw a deep crevasse
With open mouths, and all who pass
On earth and sea and islands bring
To it gift and present and thing
Of homage, but that deep crevasse
Shall never be filled with the mass.
2 And their hands commit lawless deeds,
And sinners consume all their seeds
Of whom they lawlessly oppress,
Yet the sinners in their distress
Shall be destroyed before the face
Of the Lord of Spirits in grace,
And they shall be banished from off
The face of His earth where they scoff,
And they’ll perish eternally,
Numberless as sand of the sea.

I see the constant run of mill that makes
The user’s goods and for consumers’ sakes
Produces day and night the ample crass
That is foundation of the present mass
Of status bound to matter instead of
To spirit and ability and love.
I see the constant fun of mill that turns
In its frenetic, feinting dance that burns
The soul diminished in the market place
With desperation clutching at the brace
Of interest and of usury to set
The earth in conflict and in chaos met.
Beloved, the gulf is never filled no matter
How much is poured out by those getting fatter.

3 For I saw all the angels of
Punishment dwelling from above
Preparing all the vessels of
Satan. 4 I asked the angel of
Peace with me, “For whom do they set
These vessels?” 5 And he said you bet
To me, “They make ready these things
For this world’s mighty and its kings,
That they may thereby be destroyed.
6 “And after this the Righteous eyed
And Elect One shall cause the pride
Of his assembly’s house to bide,
From then on they shall be no more
Hindered in the name or the war
Of the Lord of Spirits before.
7 “And these mountains shall no more stand
As the earth at his righteous hand,
But hills shall be as water spring,
And the righteous in everything
Shall have rest from the sinners’ sting.”

The black pit into which I pour my pride
Is never filled no matter what I hide.
It swallows guns and ships and jewelled stuff,
Devours the wheat and corn both fine and rough,
And drinks the wine in floods beyond my hand.
There’s nothing that dark pit will not command.
Beloved, I seek a lighter, higher shore
Where nothing’s needed of the wealth and store
Beyond the crust and tender cup that heal
The soul while giving body what to feel.
Beloved, I find in You a chambered cave
Where I am freed from every patterned slave
To whirl in peace above the chattered way
That stretches out upon the glimmering day.


1 I turned and saw another part
Of the earth, and saw there the heart
Of a deep valley blazing out.
2 And they brought the kings with a shout
And the mighty, began to cast
Them into this deep valley fast.

Who eat the earth and swell up with the pride
Of having surplus locked away inside
Will one day be poured in the open jaws
Of the abyss created by their laws
Of survival of fittest with sharp claws.
The valley blazing deep with horrid breath
Reeks rank and smile upon the pallid death
That waits the pillar of civilized world
Already spread before Enoch unfurled,
Already known to stand judged e’er the rate
Of water drowned the first sinful estate.
Beloved, I praise You that Your eye and hand
Control the dizzy dancing power band
Amplified electronically to stand.

3 And there my eyes saw how they made
These their vessels, iron chains laid
Of immense weight. 4 And so I asked
The angel of peace who was tasked
To go with me, saying “For whom
Are these chains prepared as in doom?”
5 And he said to me “These are made
For hosts of Azazel who strayed,
So that they may take them and cast
Them into the abyss at last
Of complete condemnation, and
They shall cover their jaws with hand
Like rough stones at the Lord’s command.
6 “And Michael, and Gabriel, and
Raphael, and Phanuel shall take
Hold of them in that great day’s wake,
And cast them on that day into
The burning furnace, that Lord YHWH
May take vengeance on them for their
Unrighteousness in being fair
Subjects to Satan and leading
Astray who live on the earth’s wing.”

That lake of fire that in its blazing way
Near blinded John the Prophet on the day
On Patmos when he saw earth’s columns sway
Was known to Enoch who also saw cast
Like stones fast in the glowing furnace blast.
The cosmic vision concentrates at last
In my heart roaring for its judgement part.
I feel the glance of sword, the piercing dart
And bowing pray that Azazel’s crew’s start
That rages rampant on my honeydew
Be thrown into the lake of fire as new.
Beloved, before You cleanse the earth with fire,
Purify my soul’s gold and its desire
And lift my glowing spark on altar higher.

7 And in those days shall punishment
Come from the Lord of Spirits sent,
And he will open all the vast
Chambers of waters which are cast
Above the heavens, and the springs
Which are beneath their earthen wings.

In Enoch’s view the world collapses in
The centuries unbowed by sound and sin,
And judgement of fire meets the cycle vast
Where water from the heavens is downcast.
The whirling dance of judgement in the fire
And water quenches both my love and ire
And I return from dancing in my way
To bow before Your throne where You bear sway
Over the chorus of the universe.
Your punishment annihilates the curse
Until all things arise, and not the worse,
For punishment of furnace and the brace
Of water tempering the steel by grace.
The world rushes back to its suckling nurse.

8 And all the waters shall be joined
With the waters, that which is coined
Above the heavens is the male,
9 And the water beneath the pale
Of the earth, it is the female.
And they shall destroy all who live
10 On the earth and all those who live
Under the wings of all the sky.
And when they have admitted why
They have done wickedness on earth,
Then by these they’ll perish from dearth.

Enoch who saw the coming Flood denied
No punishment to those he would deride.
He named his son according to the sight
Of when the waters would come to their plight.
The punishment of fire for angels set
Against the divine law and labour met,
And punishment of water for the men
Who followed such angels to hell again.
Vouchsafe me, my Beloved, both punishments
Of fire and water, till the soul relents
And illusion pass from my flesh and sense.
Let me burn in the fire of loving You,
Beloved, and let Your waters like the dew
Touch my tongue without quenching what I drew.


1 And after that Ancient of Days
Was comforted repenting ways
And said “In vain have I destroyed
All who live on the earth employed.”
2 And He swore then by His great name,
“From now on I will not in blame
Do so to all who live on earth,
And I will set a sign of worth
In the sky, and this shall be pledge
Of good faith between Me and hedge
To them for ever, for as long
As heaven is above earth in song.

The rainbow is the promise of the pact
Between Yourself, Beloved, after Your act
In destruction by water and the fact
That all flesh drowned above the earthly tale.
The rainbow is the signal of the sail
Of seven laws to remove violence
From hands of men and from their secret tents.
And yet the rainbow sent upon the cloud
Is now appropriated to the loud
Acclaim of violence in sound and score
Of writhing in the painful wrath in store.
I flee into the silent ark and wait
The cantillation of all the earth’s fate
Beneath the pounding of the shout and grate.

3 “And this is by My own command.
When I’ve desired to take in hand
Those ones by angels on the day
Of tribulation and pain’s way
Because of this, I will cause My
Chastisement and My wrath to lie
Upon them,” says Ælohim Lord
Of Spirits, YHWH, the Great Adored.

The very angels bend beneath the load
Of punishment in soundings of the goad.
The very angels screech in horror meant
For no ears created upon the spent
Beaches of earth. The very angels wail
Before the rushing of the wind and gale.
Beloved, I laugh to see the futile tear
That wells up in the eye of fusilier
Enchanted by the vision of the saints
Dolled up in dovey wings to save by feints.
The leprecausious angels that dot pink
The odes of today cannot help but sink
Upon reality that clothes the night
With star and moon in sleep a guiding light.

4 You mighty kings who live on earth,
You’ll have to look at My Elect,
How he sits on the throne of worth
And judges Azazel abject,
And all his company, and all
His hosts in the name and the call
Of the Lord of Spirits of all.’

You Yourself, my Beloved, swear mercy by
The grandeur of Your name beneath the sky.
By Your name great and solemn so You swear
That summer breezes shall perfume the air
And winter frosts ornament with delight
The world of briefest day and calmest night.
But Your Elect, the one they treat of grace,
Will use your blessèd name by holy face
To swear off mercy and love’s every trace
As he sits on Your throne in judgement’s place.
The choice is mine to make between the two,
To cantillate Your holy name and true
Either in mercy for a stumbling world
Or as accusatory flag unfurled.


1 And I saw there the angel hosts
Of punishment walking the coasts,
And they held scourges, they held chains
Of iron and bronze in their domains.

Methinks that Enoch must have just invented
The vision the angelic louts presented.
If he had truly seen the future cast
He would have known that today things have passed
Beyond the punishment of scourge and chain.
Today we use the scientific vein
In torture as well as in agriculture.
We are no longer like the pleasant vulture
But more like erudite confessor dad
With chemicals electric to run mad.
No simple iron and bronze can meet the call
Of modern torture in the judgement hall
Of antiseptic rack of steel and pincer
Upon the living screamer, bleeder, wincer.

2 And I asked the angel of peace
Who went with me, saying increase,
“To whom are these who hold the whips
Going?” 3 And he spoke with his lips
To me, “To their elect and ones
Beloved, that they may be by tonnes
Cast in the mouth of the abyss
Of the valley. 4 “And finally this
Valley shall be filled with their own
Elect and their beloved alone,
And the days of their lives shall be
At an end, and the days of free
Leading astray shall not be reckoned
From then on, no, not for a second.
5 “And in those days the angels shall
Return and hurl themselves pell-mell
To the east on the Parthians
And on the Medes, their partisans.
They shall stir up the kings, so that
A spirit of unrest come at
Them shall rouse them from off their thrones,
So that they may burst forth with groans
Like lions from their lairs, and like
Hungry wolves at their flocks to strike.

First prophecy of toil and trouble here
As Persian kings of Mithra rise to clear
The world of those who worship only You,
They speak in Your name as if they were true,
But hold out for the trident and the sun.
The mighty and the proud uphold their law
Pretending Your word contains vital flaw
That scholarly research and brazen shop
Will teach the dead letter once how to hop.
In wisdom they shall err in count of days,
And hold as ignorant who follow ways
That You, Beloved, reveal in heart and stone.
So their success will fail since You with gun
Sit higher than the world, Sovereign on throne.

6 “And they shall go up and tread down
Under foot the land and the town
Of his elect ones, and the land
Of his elect ones shall not stand
Before them but as threshing-floor
And a highway filled up with gore,
But the city of my righteous
Shall be a hindrance to their fuss.
7 “And they shall start to fight among
Themselves, and their right hand on rung
Shall be strong against themselves, and
A man shall not know brother’s hand,
Nor son his father or his dam,
Until there be ad nauseam
Of corpses through their slaughter field,
And their punishment shall not yield.
8 “In those days Sheol shall ope its jaws,
And they shall be swallowed by claws,
And their destruction come to pass,
Sheol shall devour the sinners crass
In sight of the elect en masse.”

The best news heard since Noah and the flood
Is that the wicked and the great for blood
Will start to fight among themselves and so
Leave the oppressed to wait a later show.
Unfortunately fighting in the pews
Does not in general release the crews
Of the oppressed from beyond silver plate.
The only relief’s when the congress’ state
Gets through a bill lost on the lobby’s pate.
But anything to help the people must
In quick time be repealed and bite the dust.
That’s why I wait for hell to open mouth
And swallow both the king of north and south.
The sceptre itself shall crumble in rust.


Copyright © 2007 Adams & McElwain Publishers and Thomas McElwain First Published in two volumes, The Beloved and I 2005, and Led of the Beloved, 2006. Second Edition, 2010 Third and revised edition, 2012 All rights reserved. No part of this verse commentary on the sacred Scriptures may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from publisher.

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