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Post  Jude on Fri 03 May 2013, 17:50


1 And from there I went to the south
To the ends of the earthly mouth,
And saw there three open sky gates,
And out of them there come dew’s states,
And rain and wind. 2 And from there I
Went to the eastern ends of sky,
And saw here the three eastern gates
Of heaven opened and small gates
Above them. Through each of these gates
Pass the stars of heaven on their rates
Toward the west on the path that
Is shown to them. 3 And as I sat
To see I always blessed the Lord
Of glory, and in His reward
Continued to bless YHWH of glory
Who has made great and wonders’ story,
To show the vastness of His work
To the angels who do not shirk
And to the spirits and to men,
That they might praise His work again
And all creation from His hand,
That they might see His tasks of power
And praise His hands’ great work an hour
And bless Him forever in band.

In every way I turn I see come out
The portals of the skies and turn about
The cloudy messengers of hail and rain,
The mists and snows, the breezes on the plain.
The secret place and net from where the breath
Of wind arises is guarded with death,
But is seen by the whirling, travelling soul
Who brushes past the miracles to goal.
Beloved, I follow angels where they lead
To heavenly portals on the flying steed
Of air, the gate of law, that moves the reed
To whisper and hum at the wail and cry
Of loon beneath the lowering summer sky.
Beloved, I follow angels on the die.



1 The second vision that he saw,
The vision of wisdom in awe,
Which Enoch son of Jared, son
Of Mahalalel, Cainan’s son,
The son of Enos, son of Seth,
The son of Adam, from God’s breath,
Saw. 2 And this is the beginning
Of the words of wisdom I sing
With voice uplifted and to speak
And say to those who live to seek
On earth, hear, you men of old time,
And see, you that come after rime,
The words of the Holy One which
I will speak before the Lord rich
Of Spirits, YHWH. 3 Better declare
To the men of old time to share,
But even from those that come after
We’ll not withhold wisdom in laughter.

I am no sage of days gone by that I
Stop to hear voice of Enoch from the sky.
Beloved, I am one of the time to come
Since Enoch sang to harp’s melodium.
I eagerly await what wisdom shows
In the word that arises up and goes
Beneath the silver thread before the dawn
That binds my world to heaven’s glassy lawn.
I wait for wisdom in the silence of
The stolid firs and pines where turtle-dove
Of my soul coos in patient, pearly search
Of bare and blackened branches of the birch.
Beloved, my wisdom is a small thing hatched
In quietnesses by a gate unlatched.

4 Till the present day such wisdom
Has never been given in sum
By the Lord of Spirits and YHWH
As I’ve received according to
My insight, and by the good pleasure
Of the Lord of Spirits whose treasure
Of life eternal’s given to me.
5 Three parables were shown to me,
And I lifted my voice freely
And told them to those dwelling where
The earth spreads out fertile and fair.

I guess, Beloved, these words must be the proof
The Book of Enoch’s not a thing aloof
As scholars say who would place its redaction
In centuries after painful exaction
Of Babylonian captivity.
The reason I say that’s it cannot be
That any parable of Enoch’s flight
Could go beyond the wisdom of the sight
Of Your bright flashes on Mount Sinai’s height.
I cannot think a vision dark and known
To one man in acrylic dreams alone
Can best that sermon brief You spoke one time
In cantillations twittering in rhyme.
Your words are sword splitting marrow and bone.


1 The first Parable.
When the righteous assembly comes,
And sinners shall be judged in sums
For their sins, and be driven from
The face of the earth, and shall come
The Righteous one before the eyes
Of the righteous without disguise,
Whose works elect hang on the Lord
Of Spirits, and light like a sword
Shall appear to the righteous and
The elect on the earth in band,
Where then will be the dwelling place
Of the sinners, and resting place
Of those who have denied the Lord
Of Spirits and despite His sword?
2 It had been good for them if they
Had not been born to see the day.

The worthy see these words find their fulfilment
In future days of judgement and their billment.
But I have seen their very sense and true
Revealed to all upon the mountain’s cue.
There was, Beloved, assembly of the just
At Sinai’s foot, one driven from the dust
Of Egypt, a band chosen and elect.
They came where Righteous One’s eyes might detect
The secrets of their hearts. Here I reflect
That light like sword is not a future hope
Alone, but all around the hidden scope
Of temples of the heart and Sabbath rests
Denied to those decked out in ties and vests,
But known to those attired in wool and rope.

3 When the secrets of the righteous
Shall be revealed and in the fuss
The sinners judged, and the godless
Driven from the presence for mess
Of the righteous and the elect,
From that time those who in prospect
Possess the earth shall no more be
Powerful and exalted free,
4 And they’ll not be able to look
At the face of the holy rook,
For the Lord of Spirits has caused
His light to appear on and paused
On the face of the holy ones,
The righteous, elect paragons.
5 Then shall the kings and mighty perish
And be given into the garish
Hands of the righteous and holy.
6 And from then on no one shall seek
For themselves mercy to the meek
From the Lord of Spirits, because
Their life is at an end of clause.

That judgement may take place upon the rabble
And kings and presidents and priests that babble,
The righteous and the holy must learn well
To treat without mercy the infidel.
Meek lambs before the butchers on the field
Impede the judgement day in that they yield
To banks of injustices for a day.
Let my soul, my Beloved, strike out and flay
Oppressor in my own heart and the gay
Trespasser at the grateful voter’s door.
In acquiescence true I make the score
Of sins mount up in columns’ fire and more.
Let mercy pass, Beloved, before the face
That makes one thing of punishment and grace.


1 It shall come to pass in those days
That the elect and holy sons
Will descend from high heaven’s ways,
And their seed by comparisons
Will become one with sons of men.
2 And in those days Enoch again
Received the books of zeal and wrath,
Harsh books that expel from the path.
And mercy shall not be accorded
To them for what they have afforded,
Says the Lord of Spirits and YHWH,
The Lord Creator of the crew.
3 And in those days a whirlwind carried
Me off from the earth, and set harried
Down at the very end of skies.
4 And there I saw with inward eyes
Another vision by surprise,
The dwelling places of the holy,
And resting places of the lowly
Righteous. 5 Here my eyes saw their place
Of dwelling with His righteous face
Of angels, and their resting place
With the saints. They petitioned and
Interceded and by command
Prayed for the flock of humankind,
And righteousness flowed from behind
And before them as water, and
Mercy like dew upon the land,
So it is among them forever
And evermore and failing never.

Beloved, let me dwell in that place where dew
Flows out in mercy for the chosen few.
I rest my self and soul, Beloved, in You.
A sweeter night and brighter day I seek
In dancing, Beloved, with You cheek to cheek.
Though all are chosen to bear vision stains
Of divine oneness in the soulful gains,
But few are freed to see the single path
That joins all souls upon the verdant swathe
That Enoch drew across the sky’s last face.
Few enter mercy, though all enter grace.
The vision trails the rivers of the night
To where the hearths flare up upon the right
And fire and water gush out at the sight.

6a And in that place my eyes once more
Saw Chosen One of righteous score
And of faith, 7a and I saw his place
Of dwelling under the wings’ face
Of the Lord of Spirits and YHWH,
The Lord Creator of the crew.
6b And righteousness shall dominate
In his days, and the righteous mate
And elect shall be without number
Before him always not to slumber.
7b And all the righteous and elect
Before him shall be strong, reflect
As fiery lights, and their mouth shall
Be full of blessing continual,
Their lips extol the name of YHWH,
The mighty God sovereign and true,
The Lord of Spirits, and before
Him righteousness shall never fail,
Nor uprightness before His door,
As long as righteousness avail.

Ah, shall the righteous and elect be strong?
The sights have changed since I wandered along.
The strong are nearly always far from right,
The elect are the weak ev’n in Your sight.
The eschatology I doubt unless
It tells a thing that I myself confess
To having heard and seen and known as true.
Exotic things go far beyond my view.
No matter. Here my lips extol Your name
Without the blessèd land, without the claim
Of rest and light upon its sheltered shore.
My lips extol Your name and want no more.
In this place one or two, but there it seems
The numbers that praise You are beyond dreams.

8 There I wished to live, and my spirit
Longed for that dwelling place and near it,
And there until now has been my
Portion, for so has it been high
Established of me before YHWH,
The Lord of Spirits and their crew.
9 In those days I praised and extolled
The name of Lord of Spirits bold
With blessings and praises, because
He had destined me for His laws
In blessing and glory according
To the good pleasure YHWH’s affording
Of Spirits. 10 For a long time my
Eyes regarded that place on high,
And I blessed Him and praised Him, saying
‘Blessed is He, and may He be staying
Blessed from the start and evermore.
11 And before Him there is no sore
Ceasing. He knows before the world
Was created what is unfurled
For ever and what will be from
Generations always to come.

Beloved, here Your omniscience is unveiled
Before the view of humans and the taled
Spirits that inhabit created earth
That all may know that You above all worth
Know fully past and future and the birth
Of timely present in the secret womb
Of every man and woman before doom.
Beloved, if You know all things from their root
Up to the furthest reach of flower and fruit,
My flight to You from self and from Self still
Remains the better choice upon the hill
Where granite and quartzite beneath my step
Shed sparks of light with which I fill my skep
To see its wicker catch fire at my boot.

12 Those who do not sleep bless You, they
Stand before Your glory and say
Blessing and praise, extol, exclaim
“Holy, holy, holy’s the name
Of YHWH of Spirits, He fills earth
With spirits true, spirits of worth.”’
13 And here my eyes saw all those who
Do not sleep, they stand before YHWH
And bless and say ‘Blessèd be You,
And blessèd be the name of YHWH
Forever and ever, the True.’
And my face was changed like a book,
Because I could no longer look.

If ENOCH’s heart longed for that strong retreat,
Who walked the earth as with sandals unmeet,
Who am I, my Beloved, to dispossess
The song and gravel You Yourself would bless?
The thrice-said holies brush my ears again
From here to Isaiah’s temple and den,
As far as Revelation’s vastly halls
Before the seven spirits and their calls.
I touch the liturgy of temple bright
Within the hewn and granite of my slight
And wavered chamber where I sing the theme.
Holies repeat themselves above the dream
Of firs still green, Beloved, though winter’s night
Has come to wrap me up and out of sight.


1 And after that I saw in store
Thousands of thousands and what’s more
Ten thousand times ten thousand, I
Saw a great multitude stand by,
Beyond number and reckoning,
Who stood before the Lord and King
Of Spirits. 2 And on the four sides
Where the Lord of Spirits abides,
I saw four beings, different from
Those that do not sleep when they come,
And I learned all their names, because
The angel that went by my jaws
Made known to me their names, and showed
Me all the hidden things’ abode.

The vision of St. John upon the isle
Recaptures the thousands of thousands trial
Where every spirit made by Your rough hand
To pour out on the earth like the sea-sand
Appears in multitude upon the land
Before Your throne where all living must stand.
Beloved I too look out on the new sun
Of winter that touches the life begun
Without leaves on the trees by hill and lake.
I look out on the spirits that You make
Standing aghast before the judgement stake
Of ice and frost, and so remember here
The names of all the angels in their fear
Who join the human tide when they appear.

3 And I heard the voices of those
Four beings as they uttered shows
Of praise before the YHWH of glory.
4 The first voice comes to bless the story
Of the Lord of Spirits and YHWH
For ever and ever as due.

The four beasts the good John saw all around
Your flashing throne and bowing to the ground
Were friends of Enoch long before the sound
Of Torah ever rang to sprightly drum
In Miriam’s hand, since time when it was dumb.
The living creatures that before Your seat
With many eyes show that all things must greet
Creator with songs cantillated meet.
The first voice blessed You before John was born
And praise rose on Enoch’s ear by the corn
That was already golden in the year
That Enoch came without a star to steer.
Beloved, I join my voice to that first voice
To make firm and again my sacred choice.

5 And the second voice I heard blessing
The Elect one and those addressing
The elect ones who depend on
The Lord of Spirits, Paragon.
6 And the third voice I heard to pray
And intercede for those whose way
Is on the earth and supplicate
In the name of the Lord in state
Of Spirits. 7 I heard the fourth voice
Fending off the Satans for choice,
Forbidding them to come before
The Lord of Spirits to accuse
Those who live upon the earth’s floor.
8 After I asked not to refuse
The angel of peace who went there
With me, who showed me everywhere
What is hidden, “Who are these four
Beings which I have seen and whose
Words I have heard and written down?”
9 And he said to me, “As you choose,
This first is Michael of renown,
The merciful, long-suffering; and
The second, who is set in hand
Over all the diseases and
All the wounds of children of men,
Is Raphael; and the third then,
Who is set over all the powers,
Is Gabriel; and of these towers
The fourth, who is set over all
Repentance unto hope to call
Of those who inherit the life
Eternal, is named Phanuel.”
10 And these the four angels will tell
Of the Lord of Spirits of life
And the four voices that I heard
In those days of what had occurred.

The first of all the books of revelation
That were vouchsafed to prophets in each nation
Is that of Enoch, who lifted the load
Of prophecy before the Flood and goad.
And here I see his very word set clear
Of the four living beings that came near
The holy throne where You come to appear.
The revelation once began will fail
Not to keep evidencing visions tale.
What Enoch saw at first appeared to John,
From revelation’s fresh perfume of dawn
Until the brilliant afternoon comes on.
And even Muhammad turned round to see
Archangel Gabriel speak out freely.


1 And after that I beheld all
The secrets of the heavenly hall,
And how the kingdom is divided,
And how the actions of derided
Men are weighed in the balance then.
2 There I saw the mansions of men,
The elect and the mansions of
The saints, and my eyes saw above
There all the sinners being driven
From there, which deny the name given
Of the Lord of Spirits, and being
Dragged off, and they could not stay seeing
Because of punishment proceeding
From the Lord of Spirits impeding.

Beloved, with every breath if not with mind
I utter Your name Huu whether inclined
To praise You or to curse the empty waste
My blindness makes in its illusive taste
Of Your creation’s multiplicity.
Beloved, with every breath I say the word
That thunders in the inner soul once stirred,
But if my deafness makes my lips once mute,
Such things can never in this place refute
The breathing of Your name’s soliloquy.
If I deny a moment in despair
Your name though I repeat it on the air,
Drag off my soul to burn in love to You
Where Your glories are too much for my view.

3 And there my eyes saw mysteries
Of the lightning and of the thunder,
And the secrets of the winds’ wonder,
How they’re divided in degrees
To blow over the earth and seas,
And the secrets of clouds and dew,
And there I saw from where they grew
Proceeding in that place, from where
They fill the dusty earth and air.

The thunder that arose before the mount
Of Sinai and before flood waters’ count
Was ever made; the lightning that with green
And amber echoes lying on the sheen
Of universe; these made the holy grade
To blow over all earth and take the shade
Of secrets of Your law in scent and worth
Before the living creatures of the earth.
The mysteries of thunder and the light
Are never far from any heart in spite
Of cares and all distractions in the fight
To breathe upon a slender thread and slight.
Beloved, I lift my rain-wet face to see
The lightning and the thunder welcome me.

4 And there I saw closed chambers out
Of which the winds divide about,
The chamber of the hail and wind,
The chamber of the mist unpinned,
And of the clouds, the cloud thereof
Hovers over the earth above
From the beginning of the world.
5 And I saw the chambers unfurled
Of the sun and the moon, from which
They proceed and again to which
They come, and their glorious return,
And how one is greater to learn
Than other, and their stately orbit,
And how they do not leave their orbit,
And they add nothing to their orbit
And they take nothing from it, and
They keep faith with each other’s hand,
In accordance with oath by which
They are bound together to pitch.

The chambers of the hail and wind have kissed
The shrouded chambers of my heart and mist
To find at dawn rising above the cloud
To see the moon replaced and without shroud
By the obedient sun, whose morning dress
Is scarlet on the far islands’ caress.
Beloved, Beloved, the glories of return
To silent morning where the orbits burn
Strike noble fear upon my breast and rate
The world about me with a new estate.
What bird with red breast comes to drink a bit
From my rain barrel, I look at him sit
And plunge a brief wing in the water, flit
Away on morning wings, such is time’s fate.

6 And first the noble sun goes and
Traverses his path by command
Of the Lord of Spirits, whose name
Is mighty and ever the same.
7 And after that I saw the hidden
And the visible path as bidden
Of the moon, and she finishes
The course of her path where she is
In that place by day and by night,
The one holding position right
Opposite the other in sight
Of the Lord of Spirits. And they
Give thanks and praise by night and day
And do not rest, for to them their
Thanksgiving is rest everywhere.
8 For the sun changes often for
A blessing or a curse on shore,
And the course of the lunar path
Is light to the righteous and wrath
And darkness to the sinners by
The name of YHWH, who made to lie
Division between light and dark,
And divided men’s spirits stark,
And strengthened the spirits in store
Of the righteous, in name before
His righteousness. 9 For hinders no
Angel and no power can do so,
For He appoints a judge for them
All and He judges at His hem
Them all before Him as they go.

The clouds run past the face of firmament
Above my chambered table’s sacrament
As I look out with in- and outward calm
Upon cathedral spires of cited Psalm.
The day turns on the years and they in turn
Dance with the centuries beyond and burn
Into the holocaustic pyres that make
Millennia upon the piss-ant’s wake.
The quiet cloud of quiet day that’s now
Still penetrates my heart from Sinai’s brow,
And lifts the floated ark beyond the pale
Of gene-spliced monsters drowned to no avail.
The cloud I see above the inner voice
Rises to judgement day and to rejoice.


1 Wisdom found no place where she might
Live, then a dwelling-place in sight
In the heavens was made her right.
2 Wisdom went forth to make her home
Where the children of human’s roam,
And found no dwelling-place with them.
Wisdom returned to heaven pro tem,
And took her seat at angels’ hem.
3 Unrighteousness went out her door,
Whom she sought not she found and more,
And lived with them as the rains pour
Upon the desert and in store
As dew on thirsty land for shore.

Tell simple truth and no man will believe,
But look askance at teller to deceive.
Tell fables ever more ridiculous
And they become the truth of populace.
Wisdom is not a widow but old maid
Since all her beauty is a natural shade
Instead of paint and plastic butt and breast.
Unrighteousness is not a wife to test
But more a whore without time to take rest.
One turns upon the circuit of the sun
Dispensing blessings to men on the run.
One dances in the juggle and the crime
Among the groves at Sunday Easter time.
The wise alone distinguish which is one.


1 And I saw other lightnings and
The stars of heaven, and saw at hand
How He called them all by their names
And they obeyed Him and His claims.
2 And I saw how they are weighed in
An accurate balance and bin
By their degrees of light, how wide
Their spaces and when they abide,
And how their revolutions make
The lightning, and their revolution
According to number’s solution
Of angels, 3 and keep up the stake
Of faith with each circumlocution.
And I asked the angel who went
4 With me who showed me what was sent,
“What are these?” And he said to me
“The Lord of Spirits has freely
Showed you their parable, these are
The names of holy ones by star
Who live on earth, believe the name
Of the Lord of Spirits in fame
For ever and ever the same.”

Two things remain untouched by sin since they
Were once created, first the Sabbath day
And second all the flaming stars in sway.
Who plough illusion’s soil to meet the sod
And stumble blindly here beneath the rod
Rest in the pristine beauty of the week
When Sabbath once again lifts up its cheek
To be kissed by the searching, working soul.
Though in my pain I may lose sight the goal
And founder on a raging shore and reef,
There is no way I can come to full grief
As long as in the sky my star remains
Within obedient circuit without chains
Against the noble blackness of relief.


Also another thing I saw
In regard to the lightnings awe,
How some stars rise and then become
Streaks of lightning and then succumb,
Not parting from their new form’s law.

The flash of meteor catches human sight
Although it is a fragment of the light
Of sun and star, nor more than spark of dust.
Its claim to name is in the lightning burst
That trails upon its faint, expiring fight.
The condensation of its time in flight
Tricks human eye to watch the mote apace
Instead of the infinities of grace
Decked out as stars. All tinsels and all flecks
Of transient beauty counter to perplex
The human heart and eye with promised die.
The real and permanent, except for gold,
Do not attract from motionless-like sky,
Nor from their timefulness beyond the cold.


1 This is the second parable
Concerning those who deny full
The name of the dwelling of saints
And the Lord of Spirits acquaints.
2 And into heaven they’ll not ascend,
And on the earth they shall not bend,
And such shall be the sinners’ fate
Who have denied the name and state
Of the Lord of Spirits, who are
Thus preserved for the day not far
Of suffering and of tribulation.
3 On that day My Elect one’s station
Shall be to sit on glory’s throne
And shall try their works to the bone,
And their places of rest shall be
Innumerable. Their souls see
To grow strong within them when they
See my elect ones in the way,
And those who have called upon My
Glorious name, then I will cause My
Elect one to live among them.
4 And I will transform heaven’s gem
And make it an eternal blessing
And light and I’ll transform the dressing
Of earth and make it too a blessing,
5 And I will cause My elect ones
To live on it, but sinners’ buns
And evil-doers shall not set
Foot on it. 6 For provided yet
I’ve satisfied with peace the ones
I’ve found righteous and have caused them
To live before Me like a gem,
But for the sinners there shall be
Judgement upon them and with Me,
So that I shall destroy them from
The face of the earth whence they come.

The service of remembrance where Your name
Wavers upon the air in bright acclaim
Is when and where You send Your Elect one
To grace the work of substantiation.
I sing Your name and suddenly appears
The reigning proof that follows on the seers.
I hold my tongue, he’s hidden once again
And left the dergah floor a barren plain.
The forties enter in with unheard shout
And on the glassy surface whirl about
To reappear with all the humble graces
Of all the world’s Imams in shining faces,
From Enoch in his far flung occultation
To the one hidden now beyond elation.


1 There I saw One Ancient of Days,
And His head was white as conveys
The wool, and with Him was another
Being whose face had for the brother
Appearance of a man, his face
Was full of graciousness apace,
Like one of the holy angels.
2 I asked the angel who in spells
Went with me and showed me all things
Hidden, about that Son of Man,
Who he was, and from whence he springs,
Why he went according to plan
With the Ancient of Days? 3 And he
Answered, the angel said to me
‘This is the Son of Man with whom
Is righteousness, and who in room
Reveals all hidden treasures, for
The Lord of Spirits, YHWH in store
Has chosen him, and so he stands
Pre-eminent with upright hands
Before the Lord of Spirits, YHWH,
For ever in what he will do.

Though Daniel saw the Son of Man appear
Before the Ancient of Days without fear,
The vision that he spoke was done before
When Enoch rose to the celestial door.
Enoch searched out the hidden treasures by
The wheel of time and saw the marching sky
Turn on the hope and weather till the time
When every man and woman knew to climb
Before Your throne in gentle dervish dress
To find the curtains blown aside and guess
Left from the heart before the glories shown.
Let me, Beloved, seek out both the unknown
And the familiar signs of Son of Man
As often and as soon as ever can.

4 This Son of Man whom You have seen
Shall raise up the kings on the scene,
And the mighty ones from their thrones,
And loosen reins of wolverine,
And break the sinners’ teeth and bones.
5 He’ll put down kings from off their thrones
And kingdoms, because they do not
Extol and praise Him, as they ought,
Nor humbly recognize from where
Their kingdoms came upon them there.

Some say the Son of Man is the Messiah
Not yet appearing on earth as pariah,
And some say he is Jesus Christ who smote
The money-changers with a bit of rope.
It seems to me if latter anecdote
Is true, then I am waiting still with hope
To see him put down kings and raise them up.
I’m waiting for the pouring out of cup
Of grace and wrath upon the empires of
The earth who rule and reign still without love.
Beloved, like Enoch of old I remain
Before the vision of the sure and sane
And trust that You write behind every act
Oppressing something of the divine pact.

6 He’ll fill the mighty’s face with shame.
Darkness shall be their house and game,
And worms shall be their bed, and they
Shall have no hope at rise of day
To get up from their beds, because
They do not praise the name and laws
Of the Lord of Spirits called YHWH.
7 And these are they who without awe
Judge heaven’s stars, and raise their hands
Against the Most High, and tread sands
Of earth and live on it. And all
Their deeds show their unrighteous hall,
Their strength rests on their riches’ call,
Their faith is in the gods which they
Have made with their own hands, and they
Deny the name of the Lord of
Spirits, YHWH and the Lord of love,
8 And persecute the houses of
His congregations, who depend
In faith upon what may portend
The name of the Lord of Spirits
Called YHWH since it’s a name that fits.

Beloved and Ancient One of days, I praise
Your name alone above the din and craze
Of those who would set one man in Your place.
Illusions pass me by and run apace.
I join the Son of Man as he lifts voice
To cantillate Your name and so rejoice.
So Daniel sang the song that Enoch tuned
To raise Your name above riot impugned,
Quoting the gracious words seen twice appear
Where Your visions granted to those who fear
Strike wonder in the hearts of girls and men.
I turn in wonder to inspect again
The whiteness of Your hair of silver flame.
Let me be like You, not angel or game!


Copyright © 2007 Adams & McElwain Publishers and Thomas McElwain First Published in two volumes, The Beloved and I 2005, and Led of the Beloved, 2006. Second Edition, 2010 Third and revised edition, 2012 All rights reserved. No part of this verse commentary on the sacred Scriptures may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from publisher.

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